Flat Earth Truth Presented to Mormons

Flat Earth Truth Presented to Mormons

  The other day I had the opportunity of talking to two young women who are Mormons. We have all met Mormons who have come knocking on our doors. For me, I met these two at the library. And I told them that I had heard about the Mormons’ belief, so I didn’t want to talk about it. I said that if they would like to hear what I would like to talk about, I’ll talk. They agreed. By the way, this conversation just happened Saturday, March 25.

The conversation went something like this:

“Great, we can sit over here and talk.” (There were three chairs in a corner.)

I started off by small chatter and ask how they like it here. Then I said I would like to talk about some laws of physics – which God created – and I promised to make it interesting. I started off with the ‘speed of the spinning earth.’ Then, I said of how even 100 mph wind can destroy buildings and a 200 mph wind can do vast devastation. I then said, “Imagine what a 1,000 mph wind can do; what about a 65,000 mph?” This got their attention and they said they didn’t know the answer. But it was only mild response – it really didn’t make them think and want to know more.

I then told them about the physics of water and that we know water can not stay on a ball or anything uneven. So, I said, “How can water say on a spinning ball going 65,000 mph through space?” They didn’t know but I could see that it really didn’t stir them up, yet.

Later I talked a little about geography and said, “Wouldn’t you want to know where Australia was? Wouldn’t this information be important?” Then, one of the girls said that it really didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe how ignorant people want to keep themselves! But I kept calm and said, “We’ll, if you were to study geography it would be important.” I could have said a lot more but I wanted to get on to other topics in the time we had.

I talked about how measurements are made on a globe that determines how far they can see on a globe earth. I presented a simple problem of, 8 x 36, and asked what the answer was. One said, “I don’t have my calculator with me.” Can you imagine how stupid people could be? No wonder they got themselves into this cult – which it is. So, I did the math for them. (This was to present the Bedford Canal experiment where on guy on a boat was 6 miles away, so you use 8 inches times the 6 miles distance.)

To make a long story short, I finally got their interest stirred up. I concluded that they can do a search on YouTube with the words ‘flat earth’ to find out more, which they said they will look up. Weather they do or not only God knows. However, I did my duty and they are without excuse. As the Apostle Paul wrote – witness to someone once or twice and if they don’t believe, ‘wipe the dust from off your shoes’ when you leave them.

What I’m saying is that it’s better to witness to someone then just brushing them off and saying you don’t have time or whatever. The fact that these two young women are Mormons and me knowing a little about what they believe in, should make them stop and think about their beliefs. Because, once they accept the flat earth, they can’t accept some of their Mormon doctrines. One of which is, ‘that we will become like God and live on another planet that we would be in charge of. As you can see, they either will have to discard the simple laws of God’s physics or they will have to discard the false belief of what the Mormon elders teach. If they should keep with the lie and continue in the Mormon belief, they will always have a conflict in their minds; they will always have some doubt about what they are taught.

Once they accept the fact that we live under a dome (firmament) and that we can’t leave it, and that we are the only ‘planet’ out there, they can’t accept the belief that they will live on another planet.

I realise I could be wrong and that the two women will continue in their Mormon belief and believe in the flat earth, too. Or, they might forget all about what I told them and continue along their merry way. However, we do know from testimonies of people who had a false belief and dropped it because it did not fit in with the flat earth. And this only happened because someone did take the time to tell them (or you) – even if it was not one-on-one. Even if all they had seen was a video, this is still witnessing to them. Some believe and other don’t. I say this because I don’t want to hear someone say, “You are wasting your time,” because we don’t know who will accept the message or who will not – just like the Apostles and the millions that came after them that witnessed to others – some believed and others didn’t.

The girls did say before they left that it makes them believe more in God. The question is, is it the God of the Bible or the made-up god of Joseph Smith?

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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12 Responses to Flat Earth Truth Presented to Mormons

  1. Luther Beck says:

    The Flat Earth can be scientifically and rationally presented step by step. Asking obvious questions with easy answers is a great way to present our position. However, asking someone to multiply 8 x 36 in their head may not be the best approach especially when you are stretching their minds with the physics and properties of water and high speeds. If you have a condescending attitude considering someone who is ignorant to what we already know, to be stupid, it may show through and be more damaging to the relationship. I think FE is one of the best ways to get folks on the right track to God, but there is a huge mountain of cognitive dissonance the we must navigate with deft care. We need to be empathetic and meet them where they are. As Christians we should stay above name calling and just stick to the facts and express them politely.


    • Laura Parkes says:

      Dear Mr. DeMott,
      I so appreciate your article. I am a Mormon as well as an awakened intelligence as to the lies that have been propagated on all of us. I am a truther, even if the truth hurts. It is thru my personal searching that I came across your article. I know that I am probably in a very small minority of “people” that are allowed time to search things out, to ponder them, and to pray about them. I am so grateful. You spoke to (2) probably 19-21 years old young women whom are out seeking to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whom believe in the same God you do. Perhaps in your searching for TRUTH, the Lord provided these 2 young ladies to help you in that quest. In my search for truth I have found that “perspective” and “motives” are key questions to consider. My perspective as an active Mormon is that every truth I discover, I judge with my instincts, by connecting the dots of truth I know, and then I judge it against Mormon Doctrine. The flat earth does not contradict, prove or disprove ANY Mormon Doctrine. I will honestly admit that most Mormons probably have never even considered the concept nor thought about it. But this is people as a whole, not solely Mormons. It sometimes baffles me as well because the Book of Mormon talks about and warns about evil conspiracies of the world. All the truth I have found, and there is just too many to list, does in NO WAY contradict my faith, doctrine, scriptures, nor teachings. As a matter of fact, it supports it even more in so many areas. Thank you for the truths you uncover, thank you for your diligence and most importantly thank you for being my brother in honoring and sustaining our Savior Jesus Christ. I testify we are.


      • revealed4you says:

        Thank you for your comments. I would like to put up more articles but with other commitments, I can’t put up as many as I like.


      • Matt says:

        Hi Laura. I am LDS as well and appreciate your comment. I have recently been introduced to the concept of flat earth and I am very intrigued by it. There is a lot about it that makes sense to me. But there are a few things holding me back. You said that the flat earth doesn’t contradict any Mormon doctrine. While quotes from modern day LDS Prophets and Apostles don’t necessarily constitute doctrine, they do hold high importance.
        Here is a quote from Spencer W. Kimball which pertains to this debate and seems to indicate that the flat earth model is incorrect: “The earth is spherical. If all the four billion people in the world think it flat, they are in error. That is an absolute truth, and all the arguing in the world will not change it. Weights will not suspend themselves in the air, but when released will fall earthward. The law of gravity is an absolute truth. It never varies. Greater laws can overcome lesser ones, but that does not change their undeniable truth.” -Spencer W. Kimball Ensign Magazine September 1978. I believe a lot of what is taught in the flat earth model, but according to a Prophet of God, it is not correct. So we still don’t really have a complete picture. I do know that much of what “science” has taught us over the centuries (including NASA) is incorrect. We have been lied to and we have a lot to learn still.


      • revealed4you says:

        Dear Laura,

        Thank you for visiting our website and posting your comment.
        Each person has to find their own path. I’m not here to bend someone’s arms to believe in the flat earth or not to believe in it. I just present things as I understand it and what I believe is true; the rest is up to that person.


      • Sibelius1983 says:

        I too am a member of the LDS church. Though I admit at first I thought it would contradict my faith, I realized that many revelations of the Bible and other scriptures are given to men in the context of their time.

        Perhaps the plane goes on for eternity and there are other “pockets” of suns and moons above another area along this flat plane….and still other stars above that other realm? Dare I say Kolob?
        Here’s the thing, if things were as NASA says, I would concede, yes, through God all things are possible (even a spinning space ball). But that’s not reality. But it doesn’t change what is possible through God. But I digress.

        Again, others above have written about it, but out religion teaching about conspiracies, such as the gadianton robbers (who remind me of the masons and others frankly). Seeing the NASA lies and deception, I sort of get a gadianton robbers vibe (though less violent). I think we refer to the secret societies of crime basically as “secret combinations”
        So it is odd to me that my LDS friends and family will not even consider this. If you spend even a short week doing real research on this, you see reality for what it is. I got a strong sense of inspiration and a spiritual feeling. The same feelings I got when reading the Book of Mormon and learning about Christ, and which we are taught to trust. It was a feeling outside of myself. I know it didn’t come from my own mind.
        So how could they deny the spiritual witness I have of the Flat Earth?


      • revealed4you says:

        Just to make it clear I’m not an LDS member.


  2. Dan Bulkley says:

    Mr. De Mott,

    I testify that God, The Eternal Father, loves all of his children and we are made in his image. His son, Jesus Christ, is at the head of his church. The Lord spoke to the Prophets of the Old Testament, New Testiment, Book of Mormon and he speaks to us today.

    I do not think our Earth is like a ball, but I think it’s possible our Galaxy or Universe is in the shape of a ball. I know our Earth is not flat because I spend a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful mountains, valleys and deserts that God created for us. I know water will always level out until the flow has stopped or it spills over, no matter the distance, but when it is still, it is flat. All of this strengthens my testimony in God’s love for his children because he has provided the most perfect place for us to learn, be tested, grow, and make our own choices. I know God’s love is unconditional. I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


    • revealed4you says:

      Our friend writes :— “ You believe the earth is flat and stands still. I may give it a passing notice. I am surprised to find a man of so much intelligence and learning should persist in such notions. The article, “Creation versus Salvation” comes to mind.


  3. Richard Holmes says:

    You cannot be a Mormon and believe in the flat earth with the sun circling in the sky. The Book of Mormon says this:

    “And thus, according to his word the earth goeth back, and it appeareth unto man that the sun standeth still; yea, and behold, this is so; for surely it is the earth that moveth and not the sun.” —Helaman 12:15


    • revealed4you says:

      That’s right. So, they should drop their Mormon belief! Read the Bible ONLY to find out how Yahweh, God really wants you to live.


    • Richard Little says:

      Helaman 12:13 Yea, and if he say unto the earth—Move—it is moved.
      14 Yea, if he say unto the earth—Thou shalt go back, that it lengthen out the day for many hours—it is done;
      God has the power to move the earth. I have never seen the sun stand still.
      Isaiah 38:7 And this shall be a sign unto thee from the Lord, that the Lord will do this thing that he hath spoken;
      8 Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.


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