Antarctica: Ice Wall Is Not An Iceberg

Antarctica: Ice Wall Is Not An Iceberg

  There are globe earth believers who tell a flat earth believer that it’s an iceberg and not an ice wall that is in the Antarctica. This, we heard in the previous post of a host for the Alex Jones Show told a flat earth believer. (Click Here for the Post.) The flat earth guy, Bravo, did not provide a good response. All he said was to bring up a better picture of the ice wall. Though this is good, in part, I would like to add a little something to this.

Just tell your globe believing friend to Google, Antarctic Ice Wall and look look at the pictures. Then Google Iceberg and look at those pictures. There is a big different. If you have a flat earth critic you can ask him to notice the difference and see what he comes up with. Hopefully, he’ll see the difference, if not, just gently point it out to him.

Icebergs are small, like miniature islands, and they are usually rough and not a flat plane on top. Of course, you can have the picture above to show him the difference. The ice wall, as you can see continues back to the horizon. Other sections of it might not go back that far but it’s still a huge piece of ground. The ice wall is also flat where you can put vehicles on it – as pictured here. The ice wall actually blends into the ice that has accumulated on the ground beneath it.

Back to the Alex Jones Show interview with a flat earther. The host asked how the ice wall can contain the water. The answer is, ANYTHING that is above sea level and surrounds a body of water can contain it. It could be ice, sand, rock or anything solid that is above the water line will hold the water back. Now, this is important – even if there are sections of the Antarctic that does not have an ice wall, it can contain the water for the simple fact that the ground rises above the water line. Even globe earth believers will tell you that the Antarctic is a land mass. In order for it to be a land mass it has to be above sea level.

A lake is a good example to show your critic friend of how water can be contained by most anything. No matter what the lake is surrounded by – whether it be sand, clay, ice or whatever, it obviously contains the water. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a lake.


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2 Responses to Antarctica: Ice Wall Is Not An Iceberg

  1. Jupiter Jones says:


    You are correct, the picture is not of an iceberg. Many “Round Earthers” mistakenly think so.

    Actually the picture is of an ice shelf. Large, flat masses of ice that are attached to land. Ice shelves change, melt, break and reform, but either way they are attached to land, in this case, Antarctica.

    Antarctica is a continent at the southernmost point of the globe. Many Flat Earthers believe these well-known ice shelves are somehow 60,000 miles of an ice wall. Though the picture shows much less than that. There is no ice wall.


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