“Christians Are Made Foolish If They Believe In A Flat Earth”

“Christians Are Made Foolish If They Believe In A Flat Earth”

I have often heard from preachers that say, “Christians are made foolish if they believe in a flat earth.” And they go on to say or hypothesize that it’s designed by some people to have Christian believe in a flat earth so they can look foolish. In a recent post I wrote about theologians that attacked flat earth believers, this very claim was made. We will examine this to see if these preachers are truthful.

First, we’ll take a look at what is already preached in the churches and see what really is foolish.

We are told:

  • God’s laws have been done away with (but not man’s laws)
  • That the people who hate Christ the most are God’s chosen people
  • That God took 13 billion years to create what we have on earth today (many Christians believe this but not all)
  • That the Bible cannot be trusted (by many Christians)

Then, there are other lies told to millions of Christians like, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn and others. They say, “I am a god, that we are gods.” They also say that the more you give (to them, of course) the more God will bless you. This is the “Wealth and Prosperity” gospel. These people not only have a huge congregation in their church but also millions of followers on TV.

Any student of the Bible that is worthy of his name will know of the above false beliefs. Of course, there is much more that can be added but just the above is enough. In short, the Christians that believe, for example, that what Copeland preaches is the truth – it is THEM that are made foolish. It is these Christians that are being laughed at by others.

So, why would the government all of a sudden spread the flat earth belief around? Isn’t there enough lies that Christians believe in to make them look foolish? There certainly is! (There are some, otherwise good pastors, who do believe that it’s a government psy-ops job that is doing this.)

You can be sure that the Edomites, Pharisees or whomever you want to call them are sitting back and laughing.

What makes Christians foolish – including those who are not Christians – are those who believe in the heliocentric universe. Of course, we believed in this at one time, too. But you can be sure that those high up in the military and the space agencies around the world know it’s foolishness to believe in trillions of planets and stars zooming through space.

So, let’s look at the real foolishness of a Carl Sagon Universe. Imagine believing in:

  • water miraculously staying on a ball
  • that this ball is spinning at 1,000 mph and water still staying on it
  • that our planet is travelling around the sun at 65,000 mph without us feeling a breeze
  • that we are also travelling around the Milky Way at half a million miles per hour and we have not disintegrated to pieces
  • that we can receive beautiful pictures from a billion miles away

This, and much, much more is what makes Christians look foolish. I know, I was foolish at one time but since I was surround by other foolish people, I didn’t know the difference. But when you stop and think about what you are being told, and be honest and humble enough to look at it, you notice the lies that you’ve been told. I know that this is what I had to do and you probably went through the same thing.

We are told that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. (Psa 37:11)

This is true BUT the word meek in Greek means something different; it means ‘teachable.’ It does not mean someone who will allow others to walk all over them. When you are not willing to learn to be taught and think that you learned everything since you were in kindergarten, that is where you are easily fooled.

Even in Webster’s Dictionary it says: mild of temper; soft; gentle; not easily provoked or irritated; yielding; given to forbearance under injuries.

This is a lot difference than what we normally think of.

God said that the ‘wise’ shall become like fools. It is them that – deliberate false preachers or those who have honestly been misled – they are foolish.

But with the many so-called leaders in Christianity today, they might as well continue to believe in a spinning ball where water and people can stay in place and not feel anything. I think that it is consistent that they believe in a heliocentric universe. Why? Because it goes along with the other lies that they preach. We, flat earth believers, are sorting through the lies.

They had their chance, they were witnessed to. If they don’t believe, fine, leave them and take your message to others that have not heard Christ’s truth about the earth. Let the others go their way and we, flat earthers, go our way.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to “Christians Are Made Foolish If They Believe In A Flat Earth”

  1. Janet says:

    great message! It is amazing how much we are indoctrinated into worldly teachings. I am so grateful to God for bringing me out of them, to see the world system as it really is.


  2. ColorStorm says:

    Atheists have an excuse. Christians have no excuse.

    It’s not that they are stupid, it’s just that they are intellectually lazy. Show them the curvature chart, and they will dismiss the point to their own shame.

    Humans were not made to walk on basketballs like ants. Scripture says the earth has immoveable foundations. A bible believer cannot make this fact disappear.


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