Why Is The Globe Model of the Earth Being Pushed Today?

Why Is The Globe Model of the Earth Being Pushed Today?

You might ask yourself why the globe model of the earth is being pushed today. Centuries ago, people were more likely to believe what they were told. You had no other sources of information. The printing of books were too expensive in the days of the early printing press.

Although we have the internet today and people can publish their own books and make it available world-wide, you’d think that the media and government would see such logic and accept the flat earth truth but they don’t. Why? Consider this (as the picture above shows). After reading the above sign, you can see why it’s important that the flat earth information is kept from the people. For, once they belive in that, the other lies the have been told are exposed. Not only would people know the truth about our Creator, but that they can start thinking in terms of:

What other lies have the government told us?
What other lies have the media and educational system told us?
What other lies have we been told about history and wars?
What other Bible truths are covered up?

When the gateway to the truth is opened up, enquiring minds will want to know more. Notice, I said “enquiring minds” but unfortunately, too many people have “expiring minds.”

With the above in mind, I will attempt to bring other truths that are hidden from us – as you have already seen with my other Posts.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Why Is The Globe Model of the Earth Being Pushed Today?

  1. kusinjo says:

    I’m a Christian. I believe in common sense and high sense of my Lord and Saviour. Creating a snowglobe for us to live on would not, and does not make sense. It doesn’t follow logic and critical reasoning. I know the lies and deceit that this world is capable of, but why would you put God in a box and say, “This is the way he created it. It says so right here.” That’s funny because I read the same things you do, it is clear that God calls the world a sphere. Either way, we both believe in the saving Grace of the Blood and the Cross, so one of us can say I told you so when we meet in “here after.” Bless.


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