The Length The Government Will Go To Make You Think We Can Land On The Moon

The Length The Government Will Go To Make You Think We Can Land On The Moon


amazon to moon

richard-1a_resize  Governments and corporations will go to any length to make you think we live on a spinning ball with planets all about us. You’ve read the recent news that tells you so. Well, here is something else that shows how far governments will go to make you think we are on a spinning globe. This will also show you the collusion that goes on with government and big business. Amazon will be sending packages to the moon to prepare for a future settlement. What a laugh! What a joke! You can read the whole article here from the UK Daily Mail Click Here.

When you are talking to someone about the flat earth for the first time, now you might hear, “If the moon doesn’t exist as we are told, why would Amazon spend money to send packages to the moon?” Naturally, they will not, they are just joining in on the publicity stunt to give the illusion that there is a moon up there, one-quarter of a million miles away that we can land on. Yes, Amazon might actually have to spend money to make the story look real; they might have a studio set up or use a government studio in Nevada to make a “landing scene;” Jeff Bezos does own rockets that are sent to high altitudes. But corporations will spend some of their own money if the U.S. Government tells them to do so. Why? Because this is all part of kick-backs to stay in business. If they did not go along, there would be some financial repercussions involved. We know that the U.S. government wants the data on certain individuals or groups of people and companies like Google and Facebook gladly provides this. So, if they are told to help out in making space look real, they will do this.

book-how-to-create-lies-2  Just on this news about Amazon alone, they got publicity on the FRONT PAGE of the Daily Mail. And this publicity is positive. Companies who pay for advertising don’t get front page coverage because that is reserved all for news, if you read what is in the above link, you’ll see that Amazon got news coverage.

Take another company, the Space X program. This is a big scam. The recent news with them is that they will take a person to the moon for $80 million. Ha, ha, ha! Some of the people who are interested in this are: David Cameron, the Hollywood film producer and the two owners of Google. Will they actually put out $80 million? NO! But they will go along. They will get in the astro-not Halloween costumes and play along. Space X will actually have a rocket (to make it look good for the media on the ground). All that will happen is that the pilot and paying passenger will go up and land somewhere else on terra firma, stay at a secret location for a couple of weeks, enjoy entertainment and good food and come back to say they had a great trip. (They might have a problem explaining their tan skin, but that is another story.)

Anyhow, this is all part of the fake reality that we are kept in to make us believe in a heliocentric universe. So, be prepared for new objections to a flat earth. Just tell them that this is all part of the illusion to make us believe that we are just a speck of the universe.




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