Flat Earth Proof, Part 2

Flat Earth Proof, Part 2


11 As the mariners’ compass points north and south at one time, and as the North, to which it’s is that part of the Earth, situated where the North Star is in the zenith, it follows that there is no south “ point” or ‘‘ pole” but that, while the centre is North, a vast circumference must be South in its whole extent. This is a proof that the Earth is not a globe.

12 As we hare seen that there is, really, no south point (or pole) but an infinity of points forming, together, a vast circumference—the boundary of the known world, with its battlements of icebergs which bid defiance to man’s onward course in a southerly direction—so there can be no east or west “ points,’” just as there is no “ yesterday,” and no “ to-morrow,” In fact, as there is one point that is fixed (the North), it is impossible for any other point to be fixed likewise. East and west are, therefore, merely directions at right angles with a north and south line; and as the south point of the compass shifts round to all parts of the circular boundary, (as it may be carried round the central North), so the directions east and west, crossing this line, continued, form a circle, at any latitude. A westerly circumnavigation, therefore, is a going round with the North Star continually on the right hand, and an easterly circumnavigation is performed only when the reverse condition of things is maintained, the North Star being on the left hand as the journey is made. These facts, taken together, form a beautiful proof that the Earth is not a globe.

13 As the mariners’ compass points north and south at one and the same time, and a meridian is a north and south line, it follows that meridians can be no other than straight lines. But, since all

meridians on a globe are semicircles, it is an incontrovertible proof that the Earth’ is not a globe.

14 “Parallels of latitude” only—of all imaginary lines on the surface of the Earth—are circles, which increase, progressively, from the northern centre to the southern circumference. The mariner’s course in the direction of any one of the concentric circle is his longitude, the degrees of which increase to such an extent beyond the equator (going south Avards) that hundreds of vessels have been wrecked because of the false idea created by the untruthfulness of the charts and the globular theory together, causing the sailor to be continually getting out of his reckoning. With a map of the Earth in its true form all difficulty is done away with, and ships may be conducted anywhere with perfect safety. This, then, is a very important practical proof that the Earth is not a globe.

15 The idea that, instead of sailing horizontally round the earth, maps are taken down one side of a globe, then underneath, and are brought up on the other side to get home again, is, except as a mere dream, impossible and absurd 1 And, since there are neither impossibilities nor absurdities in the simple matter of circumnavigation, it stands, without argument, a proof that the Earth is not a globe.

16 If the Earth were a globe, the distance round its surface at, say, 45 “ degrees” south latitude, could not possibly be any greater than it is at the same latitude north; but, since it is found by navigators to be twice the distance—to say the least of it—or, double the distance it ought to be according to the globular theory, it is a proof that the Earth is not a globe.

17 Human beings require a surface on which to live that, in its general character, shall be level; and since the Omniscient Creator must have been perfectly acquainted with the requirements of His

creatures, it follows that, being an All-wise Creator, He has met them thoroughly. This is a theological proof that the Earth is not a globe.

18 The best possessions of man are his senses; and, when he uses them all, he will not be deceived in his survey of nature. It is only when some one faculty or other is neglected or abused that he is deluded.

Every man in full command of his senses knows that a level surface is a flat or horizontal one; but astronomers tell us that the true level is the curved surface of a globe! They know that man

requires a level surface on which to live, so they give him one in name which is not one in fact! Since this is the best that astronomers, with their theoretical science, can do for their fellow creatures—deceive them—it is clear that things are not as they say they are; and, in short, it is a proof that Earth is not a globe.

19 Every man in his senses goes the most reasonable way to work to do a thing. Now, astronomers (one after another—following a leader), while they are telling us that Earth is a globe, are cutting

off the upper half of this suppositions globe in their books, and, in this way, forming the level surface on which they describe man as living and moving! Now, if the Earth were really a globe, this would be just the most unreasonable and suicidal mode of endeavoring to show it. So that, unless theoretical astronomers are all out of their senses together, it is, clearly, a proof that the Earth is not a globe.

20 The common sense of man tells him—if nothing else told him —that there is an “up” and “down” in nature, even as regards the heavens and the earth; but the theory of modern astronomers necessitates the conclusion that there is not: therefore, the theory of the astronomers is opposed to common sense—yes, and to inspiration —and this is a common sense proof that the Earth is not a globe.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Giorgio Karamazov says:


    There are some technical terms difficult to translate to spanish. Is there any one who can help with an spanish traduction ?

    Thank you very much, all data is very helpful.

    Regards, Jorge

    2017-03-01 9:47 GMT-05:00 Christian Flat Earth Ministry.org :

    > revealed4you posted: “Flat Earth Proof, Part 2 11 As the mariners’ compass > points north and south at one time, and as the North, to which it’s is that > part of the Earth, situated where the North Star is in the zenith, it > follows that there is no south “ point” or ‘‘ p” >


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