Understanding Crowd Psychology

The Crowd


by Gustave Le Bon

crowd-3  Gustave Le Bon was a Frenchman who studied crowd psychology. He wondered what made people do things in a crowd environment that they would never do with a group of friends. Le Bon’s book, The Crowd was written in 1896 and is a classic in understanding crowd psychology. In recent weeks, since the swearing in of Donald Trump, you have seen sick and grotesque behavior of people on the street – many of them not even knowing what they are protesting.

The work of a crowd is always inferior, whatever its nature, to that of an isolated individual. Gustave Le Bon

  • Some of the contents of this book are:
  • The mind of crowds
  • General Characteristics of crowds
  • The Sentiments and morality of crowds
  • The ideas, reasoning power and imagination of crowds
  • A religious shape assumed by all the convections of crowds
  • The opinions and beliefs of crowds
  • Remote factors of the opinions and beliefs of crowds
  • The leaders of crowds and their means of persuasion
  • Limitations of the variability of the beliefs and opinions of crowds

Click here for a free copy of the book.

You may find this book free on Kindle, too.



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