The Economy Will Crash And Be Blamed on Donald Trump

The Economy Will Crash And Be Blamed on Donald Trump

What Trump Should Do to Fix the Economy


The stock market is made to look good to show the people that “Donald Trump inherited a good economy” and then the Bankers will crash it.

The economy can only be fixed God’s way and no other. You, dear Readers, have read on this website of what interest/usury does to an economy and why God condemns it. I won’t go into this again but will simply point out that it’s a set up for Donald Trump and he will be blamed when the economy crashes. What the financial powers are doing is, they are making the stock market look good – with the DOW crossing over 20,000 points. They are doing this to make it look like Donald Trump inherited a good economy so when the bubble does burst, the media will blame it on him. To read more, Click Here.

What Donald Trump needs to do and do now is:

Have all CEOs and major stockholders of the banks watched and guarded by special forces – and put them on notice. They should be prevented to communicate to with others.

  • Cancel Federal Reserve Charter which was created in 1913
  • Cancel ALL debt – government, corporate and personal
  • Put the power back in Congress to create interest free money that is issued into circulation
  • Confiscate the wealth – in whatever form – from the Bankers including the money they have hidden, in foundations, given to children and grandchildren and in foreign bank accounts
  • All forms of wealth from all the Bankers should be confiscated and distributed evenly to all adult males and females
  • It should be done in this order, as those in power have to be protected from the Bankers who could hire hit men to stop such a law as this

President Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy issued debt-free money. But the problem with that was that there was still the debt and the ability of the Bankers to create money. Also, both Presidents were assassinated. That is it’s important that if anything happens to the President or his family, there will be consequences to pay.

Why should we be doing this? Because this is God’s solution to debt. But aside from that here are other reasons NOT to pay back the debt:

  • The destroyers will have enough money to own everything
  • There simply isn’t enough to pay back in the first place
  • We would need to borrow again to start over if we just cancel the debt

Donald Trump should not allow the Bankers to keep the money as with money, you have power and with power, you can still control people. Therefore, their wealth has to be confiscated – not matter where it is and who it was given to.

The Bankers should be locked up and not be in touch with others that are in the same trade. There should be a jury and tried according to God’s laws.

The money should be ISSUED into circulation debt free. The amount of money should equal the GNP. If our GNP goes up, so should the money supply. When I say “issued” into circulation, this includes: coins, cash and computer entries.

Donald Trump did say on an interview that I saw on the internet about the Bankers holding off on raising interest rates until he is in office so as to blame everything on him. What he should do is make statements like this now and again to keep this in the public’s mind.

There is more to an economy that is not based on interest/usury, so you may still have questions but that would have to be another article.

Keep this article in mind, set it aside and see if the economy does crash within the coming year. I pray that it doesn’t. If the economy doesn’t crash it’s because of the will of God.


People Keep Themselves in Ignorance About Donald Trump

I did a little investigation just the other day about how the people are kept in ignorance about Donald Trump or simply don’t care.

We have seen the demonstration in the street in London and with the so-called petition against allowing Donald Trump having a state visit; now, with the Speaker of Parliament is advocating that Trump should not be allowed to speak to Parliament. With that in mind, I found something very interesting.

In the library I wanted to know if there were any books on Donald Trump. Now, he personally wrote or co-wrote about 10 books. I wanted to know if there were any written by him. After all, he is the President of the most powerful nation on earth, you’d think there would be many. I did a search. This search went to the data base of all the libraries in the county. Do you know what? Not one book is found written by him! There is only one book written by some other person and I don’t know if it’s pro or con (probably con). The point I want to make is, that you’d think that if the people want to be for or against someone – at least read the books by him. Books by Trump didn’t show up. Naturally, you can’t order them even if you want to.

With the search system on in the library, generally, if a book has a “0” next to it, you simply can’t order it. So, if people really want to know about him, they will have to order their book from Amazon.

There is one book that I did buy for my Kindle and it’s called: Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again, by Donald Trump. This was written and uploaded to Kindle December, 2011. In it, Trump talks on the same things that he did in the campaign AND what he is doing now. In other words, he is keeping to his word. If you want to know what else he wants, that you have not heard yet, READ the book. On Kindle the price is about $2.47. You can also get two chapters free by requesting a sample.

As a side note, you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books, you can download Kindle for PC software from Amazon. Any book that is on Kindle can be read on your computer. Kindle has all the books that Trump wrote – so read what he’s got to say.

I do disagree with some things that Trump has said and with others, how he said it, BUT he is a lot better than many other American Presidents.

Your Own Investigation

I hope you do your own little investigation. Go into a local library and ask what books they have written Donald Trump or that he he co-authored. Ask if their program searches all the libraries in the county; ask how many libraries there are. If they come up with none, ask why? Ask if they can order any of his books. If they can’t ask why? You might want to make a comment and say, “It sounds like we don’t have freedom of the press.”

By the way, you don’t have to be a member of a library to ask for a search as you are not taking out any books.

I would like to hear from you and I’m sure other Readers would, too. Just add a comment below and I’ll be sure to read it and share it with others.

To sum up, people should know why they support or don’t support someone. The idiots on the streets, especially in America, should do a little independent reading first before they shoot off their mouths.

Will Donald Trump be a Cyrus or a Nimrod? It seems like he is leaning more towards Nimrod but only time will tell how Trump’s Administration will be.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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