The Best Sermons Have the Lowest Views

The Best Sermons Have the Lowest Views, Sad But True


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Some of the most important sermons have very little views, as in the ne above. Here is a sermon that was made in 1973, where you hear about ancient Israel and their land not producing and why they are having problems. It’s just like it is today, as we have not turned to our God. Pastor Emry talked about how the sermon relates to the current news – which makes it all the more timely. But it wasn’t only timely then, it still is now. When you listen, you’ll hear Emry talk about about an estimated 450,000 Mexicans were caught by the boarder patrol but the border patrol says about 4x that number doesn’t get caught. Does this sound familiar? Now, that was back in 1973, so you multiply that by 44 (the years since this broadcast) and taking the same numbers you get about 80 million more. That’s assuming that the numbers have not increased. When you look at the increase in numbers AND those that are having babies, how many illegals are in America now?

Pastor Emry goes on to talk about the illegals who have babies in America automatically become citizens AND so do the parents and the rest of the immediate family. Today we call them “anchor babies.” He said this had been going on for a few years, so you see we have had this problem for a long, long time.

When you hear about some Mexican, Ecuadorian or whomever say, “I was born in this country,” or “My parents were made citizens in this country 40 years ago; we have a right to be here; we are Americans.” The fact is, that they should never have been allowed to come here in the first place and certainly not allowed to be citizens. So, when you hear that there are millions of Mexican that are Americans and have been living here for decades, don’t forget that they were illegal and just because they were made “legal” by our government doesn’t make it so. The fact is, we have an illegal government. So, anything that they do should be made null and void.

Number of Video Views

You see a picture of the video that I’m talking about and that it has only 28 views. You also see that it had been uploaded back in April 2013. This is a crying shame in that there are so few views when the information is so, so important. This is what America needs to hear, this is what Europe and other white countries need to hear yet the views are very low. It’s not just this video, it’s any video that are by Sheldon Emry and other good preachers like him.

The other day I was listening to a Sheldon Emry video that had 45 views, then I saw on the right hand side another view that had 450 MILLION VIEWS. I looked at this and it was trivial – about some girl in shorts skating down the street. Yet this stupid video had 10 million the times of views than some good Christian sermon talking about our troubles and how to get out of them. It makes me sad to see something like this and I hope it makes you sad, too. I wish I had taken a screen shot of this but I’m sure I don’t have to prove this to you as you have seen videos or at least seen them listed on the side, where the views are in the millions and hundreds of millions.

You’ll also notice that the church who put up this video only has 225 subscribers, yet there are people who put up trash and they might have 500,00 subscribers.

The Jew and Muslim might laugh at this but a day will come – and it will come – that there will be 10s of millions of people who will hunger for God’s words and will listen to people like Emry, John Weaver and others. The question is, are you listening to them?

About 30 minutes in this video you’ll hear about Emry talking about tithing and God says that those who don’t tithe are robbing God. How many people do this? To many – they instead give their money to false preachers (Baal priest) that you see on TV.

Let’s see how many views this video by Emry gets.

Dear Reader do your part and start listening to some good sermons that tell of who Israel is today, who the Promises were made to, and that we should return to God’s Laws, Statues and Judgements. False preachers like Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and others will not touch on such subjects but God’s true preachers do.

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