Tracking a Plane’s Flight

Tracking a Plane’s Flight Path

New Flat Earth Experiment

Note: I’m back to the individual post, as it’s quicker and easier for me to post when I have to. Sorry about that.

I got a thought the other day of a flat earth experiment. If I have to fly to the United States from England, for example, I would do a little experiment on the plane. I would before hand bring a printed map of the globe earth and a flat earth. Then, starting from the airport that I fly out of I would take a compass and record on the map the direction that I was going; then do this every 30 minutes. This will show that the plane would be flying in a north-western direction. It will probably be going over or near Iceland and come down the eastern coast of Canada. Now, why is this important or of interest?

Looking at a globe earth map, you would think that the flight would be over a southern direction, then head straight west – as this would be the most direct route. But people who believe in the globe earth would say, “It safer in that there is more land area to fly over in case of an emergency landing.” Sounds logical but it just makes a good cover up because the distance is really greater.

If you take a flat earth map you’ll find that the routes the planes actually take is closer because the earth is flat. But if you believe in the globe earth, the route is much longer, so an excuse is made.

In 1970 my family and I flew to Germany. It was our first trip to Europe. My brother-in-law was stationed at McGraw Concern, Munich at the time. We flew north from New York, up the Canadian coast and we had a stop over in Iceland. It was in June and it was still light out at 11pm. In those days planes had to stop there or in Shannon Ireland for refuelling. Yes, planes had to refuel at those places but today the flight patterns are the same although plane can travel further now before refuelling.

What I would do if I was on a flight from the UK to the US (which might be soon but that’s another story), is to tell others on the plane something like this, “Maybe our geography is not what we are told.”

You might have heard the news not long ago about a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles, when the plane had to make an emergency landing because one woman was ready to give birth. Now, this is an emergency land, and do you know where they landed? Alaska! Why fly all the way up to Alaska when you are going to California, which is much further south? Would the plane fly a 1,000 miles north just for an emergency landing or is it because they were over Alaska as a matter of a routine flight?

Flights from a southern continent to another southern continent would also reveal the discrepancy. So, if you plan to fly from one northern continent to another or from one southern continent to another, it would good to try this little flat earth experiment. Just make sure you bring a little compass and print off a map of the world.

Bon Voyage!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Michael says:

    You mention McGraw Concern in your article. The German word is kaserne which means “barracks” should be used, not concern. So it is McGraw Kaserne. I was stationed at Flak Kaserne in Ludwigsburg…..blessings


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