Biblical View The 2016 Presidential Elections

A Biblical View of The Elections

trump-wins  Now that Donald Trump has won the election, let’s reflect on this for a moment. First, we have to see if Trump does what he said he will. Second, we have to see if he gets the support of Congress to do what he wants to do.

Trump has many good things but some of what he said he simply can’t do it without the approval of Congress (we are not in absolute dictatorship yet). Then, there are the things that he didn’t say and will not say because they are too politically incorrect – yet they are biblical correct.

In the Bible when Israel was under the control of her enemies, a prophet came along and told them of their sins and that is why they were in captivity. This has not happened in America. Sure, millions of Americans want control on their borders and they want jobs, but they were never told why we have these problems (and 100 more). They have to know what sins they have committed against God and they have to repent of those sins – which means to change their ways.

Even if Donald Trump does what he says he’ll do, what about all the other evil we are doing in the land? Just to talk on a couple of examples, what about all the blasphemes that is in American movies? What about all the blasphemes in the music we have? What about allowing other religions in our country? In the Bible, we are told to tear down their idol worship and go to war the promoters of these heathen beliefs.

Look at the satan worship that is going on by people high in government and business; nothing was mentioned about this in the 2016 campaign. If Trump did mention the other sins we are committing you can be sure he would not of win; in fact, Trump would not even have gotten the nomination of the Republican Party.

Look at the story of Saul when he did evil. Samuel, the prophet went to him told him of the sins and he said if he doesn’t change, he will lose the kingdom – which he did to David. Will Donald Trump listen to a preacher that knows the Laws, Statues and Judgements of God? Will the people listen? I hope that I’m wrong, but I think that there will be much more suffering in the land until the people wake up and cry out to Yahweh God.

So, will America be delivered? Will we really see the changes we need? According to God’s word, no – according to the Bible. We also have history. When the Pilgrims came over to settle in America they truly followed God’s laws, and, as a result, we were blessed. This is what modern day America has to do – return to God’s laws once again.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Biblical View The 2016 Presidential Elections

  1. Dan V says:

    Totally agreed Good article. MayYah bless u


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