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Some Flat Earth Critics Are Simply Liars

author-rd There are honest critics of the flat earth and there are liars. I just came across an article that was a hatched piece of work claiming that flat earth believers are wrong. I understand critics and many of them are sincere in their wrongly held beliefs, but there are others that are simply liars. The following is one example. While I was reading about the chaos that the Muslims are causing in Europe, I noticed they had an article on the flat earth. So, I had to read it of course. This article was highly critical of the flat earth. So, here are excerpts from the article and my comments following it.

This is NOT how flat earth believers picture the earth and sun.

This is NOT how flat earth believers picture the earth and sun.

Article quotes are in italics.

If you believe in flat Earth, you’re ignorant. I pull no punches for you. I will state now, one singular fact that will shut your sad little fantasy down once and for all…If the entire planet is on a flat surface, and the sun is positioned above us, then light from the sun, no matter it’s movement, will always be hitting the whole of that supposed surface.

This is simply wrong as we have seen experiments where the light does not shine all over. Now, if this is the author’s “one singular fact” that is suppose to stop flat earth believers in believing in the flat earth, he has done a very poor job.

The photo that you see above came from the article that is critical of the flat earth. He goes on to say that he had seen the videos of the flat earth. Well, IF this is true, he didn’t see much nor did he see many photos. His article is – whoever “he” is – must have based his so-called facts on this picture or at least it influenced him a great deal. No flat earther believes that the sun is this large compared to the earth AND that it is this close to the earth. Naturally, with a sun that close and that large, the light would be all over the earth. Also, the picture shows the moon going under the earth (and, presumably, the sun, too). This is not a flat earth theory.

The author does not use his name but has a pen name of “Factcheck.” I guess by a name like that it’s suppose to impress people – as if he uses facts. What a laugh. I use the word “liar” as when you have critics like this, it shows the person is not honest. If this guy (or woman) was honest they would use a drawing that actually is used by flat earth believers.

One more thing that this critic assumed is, that light travels on forever. There is no proof of that.

There’s nothing to block the sun’s light unless we consider the planet is a sphere…

sun earth distance

This guy did NOT consider “perspective” – that things get smaller and smaller. When you take this into consideration along with light not being able to travel forever, this is what make it dark when the sun is on the face of the earth. Finally, when something, like the sun, is far away and at horizon level, there is air density and pollution that also helps blocks the view of the object when it’s far away. Does this flat earth critic mention this? No. That’s why I say that some people are simply liars.

Talking about liars, it’s pretty easy to identify them when you put the following to the test:

Do they ignore the obvious?

Do they ignore what you just told them?

Do they ignore what is shown them?

Do they say “I don’t have time”?

Do they try to side-step the topic and start another one?

Do they call your mother names?

Do they use foul language?

Do they shout and scream?

Do they try to cut you off?

If your critic does several of the above, you can be sure you are dealing with someone who is not honest – to but it mildly. Critics are one thing and you can be an honest critic. But when a person writes an article like I just read, all I can assume is that they are a liar. With that in mind, if you can’t get anywhere with them, just walk away, as there are too many other people who would like to hear the truth.

There is more to the article but I think this is enough.

You can always end the conversation with someone like this by saying that water always remains flat. In other words a person cannot get around this. Of course, they can escape into the fantasy world of “gravity” but the “water always remains level” is the hardest for critics to explain away.




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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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