Swimming Across the Atlantic

British Man Will Attempt Swimming Across the Atlantic Ocean

ocean-swimmer3author-rd  I just heard on the news that a British man will attempt to swim across the Atlantic Ocean – believe it or not. How ridicules! I just wonder if this is not another little thing that NASA is pulling off to fool the public once again and use it to say that the earth is globe. I will get into shortly.

On the TV news we were told that this man will swim from a point in Africa to a point in South America. I don’t recall exactly where but we were told that the distance is 2,000 miles. His start will be November 1, 2016. There will be two boats with him along with a cage that he will be swimming in order to protect him from sharks. This man went on to talk that he will swim only during the day, as too early and too late will be the time the sharks and jelly fish will be out. He also talked about he would have to consume extra calories for all the work that he’ll be doing.

Now, from what I gather, this will take a lot of money as you will need a crew on each boat, plenty of supplies and, of course, fuel. Where this man got the money or the funding it was not discussed. It will take a lot of money to do this, as there is also the cost of the boat rentals and the communication equipment that will be needed.

It was not discussed how the boats plan to anchor themselves when the swimmer stop. You’ll need an awfully long rope to anchor in some areas of the ocean. How will they do that?

How long this trip across the Atlantic will take was not discussed but if a person can only swim 10 miles a day, for example, just do the math and figure this out. This “swim” will take many months.

I have an idea of how the flat earth comes into this. It’s just an idea but it makes sense. We know that NASA and other space agencies go to great length about putting out “News items” just to support their wild theory that the earth is a globe and spinning through space. Now, there is no evidence in the news report that NASA IS behind this – I just used this as an example. It doesn’t matter who is behind this but this bit of news can be used for others in the future to argue that the earth is a globe.

Here is what I “read between the lines” of this news event. Say this man swims across the Atlantic and it took him 200 days. The news reports will cover this and say that he accomplished his swim. Then, I can see how globe earth believers and so-called scientists claim that the earth is round and the distance between the continents are what they say they are – namely, 2,000 miles between the closest part of Africa to the closest part of South America.

Now, us flat earthers know that the distance between the southern continents are much further apart. So, the distance that this man will be swimming will be greater than 2,000. The flat earth critic will point to this news article saying that the earth is not the shape flat earth believers claim. Now, for the rest of the story…

This is my theory but it makes sense – kindly hear me out. We know that the government, the media and the educational system lies big time – this is nothing new. So, this “swim across the Atlantic” might not ever happen. Sure, there will be the launch from the shore line, the big send off and fans waving. Then, after a couple of days they sneak back to shore and chill out for the next 200 days. We know things like this is done when we have astro-nots go up in space for a couple of months; they are just sent off to some secret location until the time comes to come “back to earth.” So, to do this with the “swim across the Atlantic” is not a big deal.

Sure, there will be plenty of pictures taken along with videos to show the media throughout this time in order to keep the public informed. But this is just “show business.”

Then when this man finishes this mammoth task, the team will appear off the horizon in Brazil and the British man swims the rest of the way in. The media will be out with all their crews recording the last day or two of this man’s swim. But it will all be part of the fake reality that is created for the public.

What is the TRUE distance between Africa and South America that this swimmer will cover? I have no idea. If there is any Reader who does have approximate numbers and can give a source, I would love to hear from you and I’m sure other will, too. But one thing for sure is, that the distance will be much greater than the 2,000 miles we are given.

Now, this swimmer does not have to complete the task for us, who believe in the flat earth, to realise that this feat will be a fake. For example, if the swimmer makes it only one quarter across, he will say that he covered X miles in X number of days. All of this will be based on the supposed 2,000 mile distance.

We know that with the earth being flat that the distance between the southern continents are much greater than what they are; even planes don’t fly directly across as the time to do so takes much longer and the planes don’t carry enough fuel to do so.

In short, keep an eye on this news and see what transpires. Just keep in mind that this is all part of the “matrix” the System tries to keep us in.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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