More of Hillary Clinton’s Staged Greensboro Event

Hillary Acknowledging American Flag


author-rd  Hi folks. I just had to post another article today on Hillary Clinton. I just discovered more fakery (new word) on her so-called “Greensboro, NC speaking engagement.” Here you see Hillary turning around and waving (above photo). Why is she waving to the U.S. flag? Then, in another photo (see below) she is pointing her finger as if to acknowledging someone one. Maybe she said, “I like you Mr. Red Bar.” LOL. This is really getting funny! This is really off the wall of things that are happening. And, keep in mind this is at the same so-called campaign speech in North Carolina.

"Thanks for your support Mr Red Bar!"

“Thanks for your support Mr Red Bar!”

These photos are proof that a green screen shot was used. Now, the lunacy doesn’t stop here. I saw another video – of the same Greensboro, NC event – where it shows, clip by clip, of Hillary talking; then, in one clip she completely disappeared along with the podium! Now, a camera glitch does not do this. You might have pixels distorted a frame but the whole picture would still be there. In this picture (which I don’t have here) showed a perfect flag. In other words, a camera does not have the ability to delete a person or an object and leave the rest in tact. So, this video can only happen by someone editing it.

Of course, this video is with a “Hillary” that is a double, as you can see she looks years younger. Getting over pneumonia and having no wrinkles can’t be accomplished in a few days. This is to say nothing of the energy that she showed in the so-called event that happened – which, I think was September 14.

Some people might say how was it that “this Hillary” spoke of her recent illness? How could a staged shot using a green screen be used in the future and talk about a recent event that just happened? This is a good question. One way this could be done is, that the evil leaders who plan things out years in advance could well have planned and scripted this whole event. IF this was the case, then it would be easy to have someone give a talk about a recent event that didn’t happen. This is really not hard to do when you have complete control of the media and can manipulate peoples reality the way they can do today. Another method is, that with a staged event, the audio could have been dubbed in. Don’t forget when a stage shot is made, it’s like a Hollywood studio; you can do as many retakes as you want. You can have a sound engineer dub another voice or recording, etc.

One more thought and that is, “What about the people in Greensboro, NC, that day who never heard of the event?” If an “event” happened in Greensboro or any other city the people who live in the city can still be fooled. Let’s face it, 99% of the people are not at any one place at that time. So, if they read it in their newspapers that Hillary spoke in their town, what would they say? What would you say? I would probably say, “I didn’t know about it.” Or, “I missed it; I didn’t see any advertisements.” Most people would say this and be on their merry way. For those who were at the university where it would suppose to happen, what would they do? They would either say among themselves that it was a lie that no such thing happened. Or a few could write to the newspaper or call in to the TV station and say that the event did not take place there because they were at the university at the time. Now, we know that the media is controlled. In this event, they were probably warned to shut up by “the men in black.” and they would shut up. In any regard, the little guy, the average person in the street, can’t get his/her voice heard anyhow. Thus, even if the media was called, they would be ignored and the rest of the state and country will be none the wiser.

To sum up of all the fakery that has gone on with this one event we have:

One video with no flag in back of her – taken from a camera far from the stage

People with iphones showing a different background

Hillary waving to the “flag”

Hillary double

Flat Earth and Hillary Clinton Supporters

For the Hillary Clinton supporters – if there are any left LOL – who still believe her and all the things the media says, I had this thought: If Hillary supporters believe that she is well, that she was at the events that we are told she was at; if these people can’t see the fakery that is going on with some of the videos, then there is no use in even telling them about the flat earth.

In other words, if you show someone this Greensboro video of Hillary speaking and this person still thinks that the event was real – they will never accept the fact that NASA fakes videos and images. Unfortunately, I think these people are so controlled by what the mass media tells them and you will not be able to get though with the flat earth and other Bible truths. However, if you do have friends that are waking up to what is going on (in regards to the Hillary campaign, for example) then they may be more open to listen to what you have to say about the flat earth.

You might have a friend or a co-worker and talk about the staged events of Hillary; this might be a better starting point with some people. Then, if they can see the camera trickery that is being used, that’s good. Then, at a later time you can approach him/her with the flat earth truth.

Until next time, take care and God bless.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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