Facebook Starting to Ban Christian Pages

Due To Religious Intolerance Facebook Bans All Christian Themed Content

Will Flat Earth Groups Be Banned Next?

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has made the decision to ban all Christian themed content in attempt to … You can read more at the above link.

This is not surprising knowing the state that the world is in today with so much anti-Christian laws that have been passed. It’s all because some people are offended by Christian discussion. I assume that those who have a Facebook page on the Bible and the flat earth will be banned, too. There are flat earth groups on Facebook and it would be interesting to see if they are banned along with the other Christian groups.

Now is the time to leave the antichrist owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and go somewhere else. One suggestion is Google Plus, which is like Facebook. But who knows how long it will be before they, too, follow their co-religionist and do the same thing?

The article (see link above) goes on to say that other religions will be allowed to keep their Facebook pages!

Now is the time for someone to develop a social media site that is like Facebook but run by Christians – it’s just a matter of time. Let’s pray that 10s of millions of Christians leave Facebook and that their stock plummets!

Ways to Fight Back

Here are a couple of ways to fight back at Facebook.

If you have an account, close it down and tell your followers why you are closing it down

Encourage your followers to do the same thing

Tell Facebook why you are closing your account

  • Set up an account with Google Plus or some other alternative social media site (Google Plus might do the same thing but until then, you can go with them)
  • Give your contact info to your followers so you can give them your new web address
  • Ask your followers to give you THEIR email addresses
  • Go to Christian groups on Facebook and pass the word along
  • It’s time to leave Facebook – for those who who have or don’t have a Christian group.
  • If you don’t have a Christian group, start one on a new social media site.

You can consider starting a Christian group on blog sites or start a forum. These two sources are free if you go to WordPress.com For free forums, do a search and pick one out. This can be used for your own little community.

Get their email address

Any internet marketer will tell you that one of the keys to their success is to have an email list. This can be done by offering a newsletter or getting a notice to new Posts. If you are on any Christian group site, suggest this to them. Internet marketers will tell you that they would be out of business if they did not have an email list. One month business would be great but then in one day they could lose a lot of business (and continue to do so) because Google had changed their algorithms. For those who didn’t have an email list, they were out of business. For those that did, the Google change affected little of what they did. Why? Because they were able to contact all their past customers, current customers and prospective customers. This is what Christians should do. Those that have a page or group on Facebook should start this right now. As Adversary Zuckerberg said it will be sometime in November that all Christian groups will be closed down, so you still have time to get the word out.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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4 Responses to Facebook Starting to Ban Christian Pages

  1. George Moncada says:

    There are some options, like sonico-twoo.


    Regards, Jorge

    2016-09-11 8:28 GMT-05:00 Christian Flat Earth Ministry.org :

    > revealed4you posted: ” Due To Religious Intolerance Facebook Bans All > Christian Themed Content Will Flat Earth Groups Be Banned Next? Click Here > to read more. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has made the decision to ban all > Christian themed content in attempt to … You can rea” >


  2. Doug Bartels says:

    This isn’t so much a suggestion for an alternative but rather a suggestion to keep posting until cut off from from Facebook, thereby suffering the persecution for the “…filling up of the afflictions of Christ” (Col. 1:24). Be a Facebook Martyr!

    Also, I have the strong belief that this will drive many into the institutional Babylonian church or even harden the resolve of institutional Babylonian Christians to entrench themselves in their religious legalism of harlotry and whoring after other gods and further being pressed into the work of antichrist in the days and months to come, all while believing as scripture says, those “who kills you to think he is offering service to God” (John 16:2 See also Acts 7, esp. v. 58).


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