Radio Signals From Outer Space

How can radio signals from space ever reach us?

Richard-flat-earther  Reading the news the other day about radio signals coming from another planet that is 94.4 light years away and that it was sent back in 1922, I thought, how stupid. All flat earthers know it that it’s stupid but I thought of another reason how this is so ludicrous.

From what we are told all planets and suns are travelling at the speed of light from the centre of the “Big Bang,” so how can a radio signal ever reach us? Keep in mind that radio signals also travel the speed of light.

For example, say this “planet” is going in the opposite direction earth, how can any type of signal reach us that is going at the same speed?

So, here we have this so-called planet, travelling in its own direction sending out a signal by some alien life on it. If it’s going in the opposite direction, this signal will have to travel about 3x the speed of light to catch us. (I might be off on the speed but you get the point.) How does the radio signal do that? How can it randomly change its speed? How can it go “away from the Big Bang” when all the other heavenly bodies can’t do it?

radio-signals-space  Now, we are told that this planet is 94.4 light years from earth. What I would like to ask is, if that is the distance now, how far away was it in 1922? If that was the distance in 1922, it would have to be further now. Can any astronomer or worker from NASA answer this?

Another scenario is, if this other planet is travelling exactly parallel to the earth. How can it be? How can any other planet or sun travel parallel to the earth? Keep in mind what “we are told” that the earth is circling the sun, and our whole solar system is circling the Milky Way. So, how can another planet parallel the circular movement of another planet. I mean, won’t it crash into some nearby sun or planet? It’s really funny when you think about the impossibility of all this and how we believed in it at one time.

When you are talking to someone that you want to introduce the flat earth subject to and you don’t want to use the words “flat earth,” just tell them what you’ve read in the newspaper and ask the questions that are presented here and see what conclusions they come to? Hopefully, they will use the words “flat earth” first, then you can really talk on Creation and the Bible.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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