Reverse UFO Cover Ups

Reverse UFO Cover Ups To Fool the Public

UFO cover up 1

author-rd  Most of the time if the government wants you to believe a lie, they simply cover it up. It’s usually straight and simple. But now with controlling people’s perception of reality, they have turned it into a science.

When it come to UFOs and Aliens from other planets, me along with thousands of others think in terms of the government hiding something and the information gets out and is leaked to alternative news sites. Before the days of the internet individuals had to publish their own newsletter or books to get the truth out.

Only a few years ago, I had thought that there were umpteen number of planets with visits from many different civilizations from other planets. For those that already know that the government and media lies, this came as no surprise.

The set up, when it concerns UFOS, goes something like this:

  • Someone takes a photo of a UFO
  • Some witnesses said they saw a UFO land
  • NASA, by mistake releases a photo which, upon closer examination shows artificial construction
  • An astronaut admits that he had seen UFOs while in space
  • Some UFO investigator gets killed mysteriously
  • A witness is visited by “Men in Black” and warns him to shut up

The typical official reaction goes like this:

  • The media denies the existence of UFOs
  • The government denies it, too
  • Finally, the educational system chimes in

With the UFO sighting comes the government and media denials, then the conclusion among the believers in UFOs is, “This is a cover up; Aliens from space are real!”

To cap it all off, and to make this really look good, a “whistle blower” from the government comes forth and says it’s true; perhaps someone who used to work in NASA. To give “evidence” that UFOs are real, a UFO researcher or the whistle blower himself is “killed.” With a UFO researcher killed, UFOs MUST BE TRUE, or so the people think.

But there is a twist in the way this lie is present to the world. Now, you may not agree with me but put aside your doubts for a couple of minutes and listen and see if this doesn’t make sense to you.

In order to create the existence of something which is not, you have to reverse the typical government cover-ups. If the government came straight out and said that UFOs are real, many people will have a hard time believing it; they will want to see proof. Of course, the space agencies won’t be able to come up with it. What are they going to do, make a space craft that people can see it’s plainly a fake? Are they going to have an “Alien” come in front of the media and give a talk without people seeing that it’s a costume? Of course not, they know that they won’t be able to get away with it. But if they make the existence of UFOs elusive, the only thing they would have to show for it is: photos, videos, “eye witness” reports, and burnt marks in the grass. So, NASA, the other space agencies, the media and scientists will have to make this look real WIHTOUT having to produce hard evidence.

Yes, they can have real witnesses, like the 1997 Phoenix Lights event, but the people can only report what they saw and what they saw was not what they thought. We all know that the US military has contractors working on crafts much more advanced than what the public knows about. So, could it just be that there is a large triangle craft that can silently float long but looks like a UFO?

Anyhow, if an event is staged, the media denies it exists and even ridicules it, but it looks real in the UFO circles. You may ask why do this for the benefit of a small group of UFO believers? This is a good question.

Forty and fifty years ago, the UFO believers were small and they were considered cooks, or strange to say the least. At that time, virtually all the media poo-pooed the idea of a Aliens from space. But what has happened in the past five years? More and more of mainline media are reporting on it – without all the snide remarks of the believers. Many reports are quite neutral about it – leaving the people to decide. Also, in the past few years, more and more people are joining the ranks to say that they are real.

For flat earth believers, we know that extraterrestrials and trillions of planets do not exist, and thus, are not fooled. However, most of the population still believe in the Copernican model of the universe.

The Real Reason

I believe, along with many others, that the real reason for this type of cover-up – which is unlike all the other cover-ups – is that the major governments of the world want to pull off a threat of fake a Alien invasion. Or one of the “leaders” of the extraterrestrials coming forth saying something that threatens the rest of the world. And the only way to “defeat” the ETs is ban together in a one world government, into a one world religion and one world leader. You can see that we are being prepared for this by such films as Independence Day, where Aliens attack earth. Also, remember what President Ronald Regan said before the United Nations – that if we were attacked by an outside force we would all ban together. You can be sure that someone told him to say this.

Or, the story line could be that the ET leader will say we have to ban together for our own good.

There is also the theory that a huge holographic image of Christ will be used and he would tell us we got to go into a One World Government. I don’t know what scenario will be used but its aim is to have us in a One World Government and something like the existence of UFOs and life on other planets is necessary. This is what people in certain secret societies have been doing for years. They don’t plan just a couple of years ahead, they plan for 100 years ahead. So, that is why I think has been done since the Roswell, New Mexico “landing” in 1947.

Like I said, since a real space craft can’t be used, since real Martians can’t be used, a reasons has to be firmly established in the collective minds of the people that these Aliens are really illusive and the best we can provided is some distant contact with them. Along with a history of denials, real and imagined deaths, it gives the unreal a feeling of being real.


To sum up, by having an “event” take place, by having a denial, by having someone “killed,” gives the appearance that it’s real indeed.

For those who say, “If this is true, why did Joe Brown die?” (Made up name.) Good question. There are three possibilities that I can think of:

1 The government could have had a plant in the UFO research group, and made it look like he was killed but is currently living elsewhere.

2 A story could come out that Mr. Blank was found dead but no such person ever existed.

3 Or, a real purpose could have been killed and the story told that he was a UFO researcher and he died via “suicide,” though he had two bullet holes in the head and there was a trail of blood 100 yards long.

Situation 1

The government has done this before so why not do this with a UFO researcher. Example is with the astro-nots that were killed that were in the 1987 Challenger rocket disaster. Most of these people are living today. You can see their pictures on the internet and they are using their real names. There is one page that has a picture of what they looked like in 1987 and what they look like today. Do your own research and see what you find out. (I have an article on this someone on this website; sorry I don’t know the link)

Situation 2

This is very common and the easiest deception to pull off. People who read the newspaper will not have heard of this person but people reason like this: “I guess someone knows him.” The reality is that this person is completely made up and the death of him, too.

Situation 3

Killing a real person is not below the moral of the United States Government. They have done this many times (so has other governments). There are many examples that can be given where they kill their own kind. On that come to mind is 9-11. Since this was an inside job (it can ONLY be an inside job) that means some people in our government knew about what was going to happen. As a result, 3,000 people died. Another example is, that many wars were started U.S., such as the invading of Iraq on the pretext of “weapons of mass destruction.” So, to kill someone for the purpose that “he knew too much about a UFO landing,” is not below the antichrists in government.

The Suicide Touch

Whether the person is real that was killed or a fictitious one, when you have reports of how a person was killed in the newspaper and it comes out that it was a “suicide” it gives it a nice touch. You think, “Doesn’t it sound like it’s a cover-up?” Then, you next thought is, “UFOs must be real, otherwise why did this person die?”

In short, the government really wants you to see though the story and most people will. When this is done it ACTUALLY creates more believers in the Alien visitation story; of a multitude of other inhabitable planets.

With all of this in mind, kindly continue over to the Jeff Rense story by clicking here.






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