Filtering Out The False Religions

Bible-open-1  As Christians we must be aware of false prophets and religions. So, let’s briefly examine the major ones.  I say, briefly, as it would take books to cover in any depth each one of them.



The major religions

The religions that are not Christians by their very nature is quick and easy to filter out. They include: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc. You can also include the countless religions that come from paganism of all sorts from all over the world.  What these people believe in does not fool Christians in the least.  Of course, there are those “Christians” who embrace just about every belief in the world but all of these pagans cannot be considered in any way.

Then you have those who come from no religion at all.  This is a no brainer for thinking Christians but I’ll list them here anyway.  When I say “no religion” they actually believe in a religion, as they have beliefs in simply believing in nothing at all.  These people include:  anarchists, atheists and agnostics.

Then you have those who believe in some political party to such an extent that you would think it was a religion, such as:  Democracy, Communism, modern day socialism (which is really a form of Marxist socialism) and any other political system you can think of.

All of the above, plus those that I haven’t thought of that would fit in one of these categories cannot  be considered biblical Christianity in any shape or form at all.  They don’t fool us.  Now, let’s look at some of the others that pass themselves off as Christians that can and do fool God’s People.  First, I’ll start off with the obvious cults but pass themselves off as Christians.  They include:  Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Scientology.  These are the major religions that most people know are a cult.  This is not meant to be a complete list on anything that I have listed above, as I’m sure you may have thought of others.  We will let the above be a good representation of what I’m about to talk about.

For those who think that Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology is not a cult and is not definitely out of the area of Christianity, just do a little research on your own.  It would be out of the scope of this article to write about it all here.  Just let me say if you have any doubt on any of the named religions just mentioned, do a search on the internet with words such as (if you are checking out Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example):  “Jehovah’s Witnesses exposed,” or “ Jehovah’s Witnesses cult” or “ Jehovah’s Witnesses x” with “x” being some other word you can think of.  You can find a ton of article and videos on the topic that will go into much more detail. Then, you can decide for yourself.

Groups that people think are Christian

Now, the difficult groups that pass themselves off as Christians. Before I continue, this might offend some readers as you might be in one of them, or, at least think it’s a fine church to join.  But, if you have any doubt, that’s OK, it’s good to have doubt, just check it out yourself; do your own research and see if what I say is true or not.  I’ll take this one at a time.  The first one is, Seven Day Adventists.  Their churches seems to be all over America and blend in quite well with the other Christian churches.

As it turned out, Seven Day Adventists’ “great spiritual leader” was Ellen G. White.  Now, she preached the “end of the age” many times that did not come about.  She had made many contradictions to what was said in the Bible.  There are also many deletions in their Bibles.  Yahweh, God does not contradict Himself or tell others to.  The people look and act nice when you talk to them, but this is not a “Miss Congeniality” contest, is it?  We want to know if what they believe in is in the Bible.

Again, without turning this article into a book, do your research on this.  For example, there is a video you can see here.

Next up is the Catholic church.  If you know anything about the Catholic church you’ll know that their traditions are traditions of men and not of God. All their rituals are not Christian, their use of the rosary, their praying to “mother” Mary, their prayers in front of the statues of the saints.  Do you know that the Catholics really only have 9 Commandments and not 10?  Yes, they show up 10 but they repeat one TWICE! The one that they took out is Commandment 2, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth…”

With all the statues of Apostles and Saints, is it any wonder why they would want to change the Bible.  If you want to know more about them, read the book that all the Colonists in America had. Along with the Bible they also had a book called: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. This is a book about the perscicutions of Christians from Roman times to the time of Reformation; when Protestants were put to death because they were caught reading the Bible.

You can check out the book and illustrations, Click Here.

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs only, Click Here.

Priests also think that they are Christ! Now, how can you get more blasphemous than that?

Televangelists and the “Word of Faith Message”

Now, we come to others that have a regular Christian name but are far from being Christians. These are the televangelists that we see on the TV and now, more in the internet.  Though it might seem easy to spot them, when you see them carrying on stage, “talking in tongues,” etc.  you don’t realise how many of your local churches are affiliated with these people. The only way to find out is, first, you have to know what to look for AND to sit in their churches.  Such false teachers are known by the name they give themselves, such as “The Word of Faith Movement,” or “Wealth Prosperity,” or “Name it and Claim It.” Now, these are not the names of denominations or the name on their buildings, but simply a tag name that they are known by.  These false teachers really teach blasphemy. They are in the Protestant group of churches but they are no better than the Catholics in regard to false teachings.  You can see a blasphemer such as Benny Hin telling his congregation and TV audience that he is Christ and that “You are Christ, too!”

Here is one of many videos that you can see on the internet:

Joel Osteen Origins & Errors of His Teaching

Joel Osteen is typical of the “Prosperity Message,” so this video on him also applies to others that teach the same message; the same message you would hear on TV or by your local pastor down the street.

Who is left?

After you have seen this, you might ask, “What else?”

There is even more corruption and more subtle. You church down the street might not be involved in the above groups but are they teaching real Bible truths?  The sad thing is that nearly all the rest of the churches have major false doctrines in their sermons.  Nearly all churches teach the “politically correct” doctrine, which is NOT biblical, of course. Whenever you hear a preacher say:

  • the laws of God have been done away with
    when we are told that Christ’s enemies are “chosen people”
    all the races should mix

The preachers that are head of the big “Mega Churches,” like Joel Osteen, also believe in the being “politically correct,” but they are not biblically correct. Thus, they believe in “the Jews are God’s chosen people,” and “the Law has been done away with,” and “that we should all mix.” This is not the topic of their sermons, as they concentrate on “God will make you rich” type of sermons.  That is how they become multi-millionaires and own their own private jets, but if you were to ask them if God’s laws were done away with, for example, they would respond yes.

To cover this area will take books to do so. Again, the only thing I can say is do your own research to find the truth, and pray on this when you do so.

If you notice, one thing that all cults have in common is, that they want you to read only what they give you and nothing else. I say, here are some things to read but ALSO do your own research and prove this to yourself if what I say is true or not.

How do you find what is truth?

You can start off  by reading your own King James Bible on your own. When you do so, don’t think, “Will this verse offend someone?”  It’s the word of God – He will lead you to the truth.  We are told to not love the world, that we will be persecuted as Christ was.  So, if you find out that your church does not offended anyone, then you know you have been given a water-downed version.

The churches are not persecuted – really – but they would be IF they preached the truth. The fact is, that what they do preach is not offensive to anyone – even the Christ hating Jews. This should tell you something.

Below is one book for your consideration and one sermon. There are a hundred you could read but it would be just too much.  So, when you do your own research, go on YouTube, for example, and type in the worlds:  Christian Identity. Here is one book to get you started by Pastor Ted Weiland, Titled: God’s Covenant People.

Here are some of the many topics covered:

Israel to Continue as a Nation Before YHWH Forever
Israel to Become a Great and Mighty Nation
Israel to Become a Vast Multitude of People
Israel to Become a Multitude of Nations
Israel to Rule Over Other Nations
Israel to Be Feared by All Nations

Israel to Have a New Home
Israel to Be Gathered From Remote Countries, Coasts and Islands
Israel to Colonize and Spread Abroad

With this in mind, the purpose of this book is fivefold:

  1. This book will prove that God continues to have a plan for physical Israelites under the New Covenant.
  2. This book will correct the commonly taught fallacy of a “Spiritual Israel.”
  3. This book will prove who Israel is not, thus exposing the imposters.
  4. This book will prove who Israel is from the Scriptures, archaeology and history, thus revealing the true identity of Israel today.
  5. This book will disclose why this revelation is of such significance.

Now, does this sound like the modern day Israel that we know about, or is this a message to ancient Israel about a nation sometime in the far future that will have these qualities. Could this nation by America today.  Read the book and you decide, Click Here.

If many passages doesn’t make sense to you. And if what your pastor told you doesn’t sit right with you, perhaps this video will explain it. This is an old video and the quality isn’t that good but the information provided is a key to Bible understanding.

I highly recommend that you take the time to see, even if you don’t have time to see the other videos on this website.

In Conclusion

Christianity was one of the first, if not the first thing that the antichrists wanted to control. Since the time of Christ infiltration has been a problem.  With all the false teaching, the modern-day Baal Priest, that infiltration has been complete. It’s been complete with all the lies that have been told in the name of Christianity. With 99% of the churches out there teaching major doctrine errors, there is only a remnant left.  With the link to the book above, it will give you a good start in learning what the Bible does say about God’s people.  Take time and read the book, God’s Covenant People, and I’m sure it’ll be a blessing to you as it has to thousands of others.

Heirs Of The Promise – Lost Tribes of Israel Discovered – Pastor Sheldon Emry

Joseph of Arimathea

And did in those ancient times did the Lamb of God walk on England’s green?

I pray that the information in this article is a blessing to you and your family as you grow in the wisdom of Yahweh, God.



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