How The Cover Up Is Done

Some of Science is a Lie

How the cover up 1

Science is a lie (talking about how it relates to the flat earth). Of course, there are other areas of science where it’s a lie, too, but that is another topic.

How the cover up 2

We are deceived by the pictures that they show us of the moon. Here is an example of a photo from the air of the Arizona desert, and how they actually made craters with bombs to simulate the surface. One picture is of Buz Aldrin (one of the astro-nots that landed on the moon) in front of the hill in Arizona. It’s actually mocking us, as this image is used in one of the space landings.

How the cover up 3


How the cover up 4

If we went to the moon, we had to go through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, right? Well, why don’t clean up workers wear these uniforms to clean up Fuckishema? In 50 years we must have developed even better radiation protection clothing, so where is it? The fact is, that none exist, otherwise it would be put in use.

We are told that with Christ’s second coming it will be a time of great deception. With all the fake news, false flags and flat earth cover up, what could be more of a deception than now?

In Matthew 24, the Apostles asked, “What are the signs of your coming”? Jesus FIRST said, “Let no man deceive you.” That is the very first thing that Jesus said.

How do you keep a conspiracy?

Easy, who went into space orbit? About 533 guys, only about 24 went beyond that. Who are good at keeping secrets? Russia and the US governments. Who went in space? Military people who are told to keep secrets. In the US, these people were also members of the Masons – a SECRET ORGANIZATION. The others below them are just on a “need to know” bases. Those who build the capsules, they don’t know where it’s going from there. Those who read the computer monitors, notice every time the space capsule it’s over the Indian Ocean they lost contact with it. Strange? So what happens? Another man, sitting in some other room, sends them another computer feed. Well, if we have all these satellites, why doesn’t it come from them? (Probably many think so, but it actually comes from someone else.) Therefore, ANY data can be sent to the terminals in Houston and no one is the wiser.

Work is compartmentalised, too. People who worked on the Manhattan Project (making of the first atomic bomb), there were about 120,000 people. And this was kept a secret. A person working in one room doesn’t know what is being done in the next room. So, this is how the truth is kept from the public.

What is the motive?

This goes back to the Garden of Eden, to the Tower of Babel, where the devil wants to take God out of every day life; where we are not to obey Yahweh’s Laws but man’s laws. In order to do this, part of the deception is describing how we got here by other means.

Now, this leads to another topic, and that is “the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.” We are talking about two seed lines here. Not only is this another topic but it will take a book to go into detail. This will have to be saved for another time as this is part of the world-wide conspiracy to “deceive the very elect,” as it is recorded in the Bible.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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