Changing From the Heliocentric Model to Another Fraud

Another Fraud Model of the Universe Is Being Used

Quantum computer

ByRmot  The heliocentric model is failing – thanks, in part to the flat earth news getting out. Millions of people are waking up to the stupidity of the heliocentric model of the universe. Those in power know this, so they know that they have to perpetrated another fraud.

Yesterday I was watching a video on quantum computers, which you may have heard of. There was a man on stage who owns a company that makes these $20 computers and was talking to an audience. The auditorium looked like there were intelligent people keenly listening to every word this man spoke.

I watch the video then I went to bed. I had not realized at the time the significance of this, otherwise I would have copied the link so as to insert in this article. So, if you excuse me, I will just have to write about what I saw.

It was at night when I was thinking about what this man said in the video. Some of it didn’t make sense, then I connected the dots. Back to describing what was in the video…

The video, which I saw on YouTube, showed a picture of one of these quantum computers on a screen. We were told that it is 10 feet wide and 12 feet high. Inside is a refrigerator that keeps the temperature down to a few degrees above Absolute Zero. This, I assume is for the processor.

The man, whom I don’t recall his name, said that the smallest change in this dimension will change something in a parallel dimension; “that there are infinite number of parallel dimensions.” That’s when it hit me at night – MULTIPLE UNIVERSES!

Now, this is my theory. but I think it makes sense. In order for the System to keep us from knowing that there is a Creator, to keep us ignorant of the Bible, they have to prop up their lies with another lie. I thought, that with millions of people waking up to the the lie of the whole heliocentric model, with the many YouTube videos that are getting 100s of thousands of views, I think they see writing on the wall, so another lie has to be substituted.

Now, the people at NASA and the astronomers at universities are not ready to give up; they are still holding on to the lie that there are trillions of stars and planets out there, but that something has to take its place. And that place is – that there are infinite parallel universes out there.

Sure, we have heard this talk before about parallel dimensions of so-called “realities” out there, which mainly have come from the modern-day New Age groups. So, now it’s being pushed by so-called science. When you have “science” push the other dimensions of life, it becomes more plausible to the public. Hearing it from people sitting in a séance circle, in a lotus position, just doesn’t quite do it for the main-stream public. So you wrap it in science to get a wider audience.

Another thing that I thought was very strange is, that this speaker said that inside this computer is a refrigerator where the temperature was kept to a few degrees above Absolute Zero. From what I remember from my high school days that at this temperature all molecules and atoms stop moving. If that is the case, then how can this computer be “super fast?” Wouldn’t it come to a standstill? Or, at least be very slow? What about what is frozen inside – wouldn’t that become bridle and brake? This just doesn’t make sense to me.

I also recalled, while laying in bed, the camera panning the audience and from the looks of it, it looks like these people are educated as they were dressed well and their general appearance. They certainly were not dressed in what the average person wears on the street. In short, I would say that this was an audience of academia. I can’t say for sure, as it was not told on the video. Now, these people were taking all of this in. So, if this is the case, could it just be that they will go back to the respective places of where they work and where they teach and start spreading the news of “parallel universes?”

Where is the proof of these so-called “parallel universes?” He offered none, yet the audience took all of this in. The “parallel universes” is what the Hindus believe in, isn’t it? So, we are to believe what heathens said centuries ago?

Where is the proof of:

  • something crossing over
  • someone crossing over
  • taking a picture on “the other side”
  • sending someone over and bringing him back
  • sending over a animal and bringing it back

There is no proof whatsoever that was offered, and I don’t think you’ll see any forthcoming, either. The audience did not question or make any murmurs of what was said – they took it all in.

So, with the last dying breath of the heliocentric model, will the “parallel universe” be the model that will be pushed? Will we have “threats from “Aliens” coming over ready to wipe out civilization? Will we be told by our respective governments that “we better united” and fight the common enemy? That we are “all equal” no matter what religion or belief we have; that we will have to all mix, destroy our respective races, to live under the One World Dictatorship to avert world-wide disaster?

Finally, with an “infinite number of earths” it will serve the same purpose as infinite number of planets, in that, we would just be a speck among other civilizations out there; that we are not a special creation by God and that we are the object of his attention. In short, it will still make people believe that we are only one of billions of other life out there. Instead of them being millions of light years away, they are right here but in another dimension.

Finally, the speaker in the video, which was made in 2011, predicts that NASA will “discover another planet” with life on it within 5 years. Now, this is not a “revelation” but something that was planned. I’m sure that NASA has a time-line of when they will release what information. And that the give some of this advanced information to certain other individuals. This, in turn will make that person look “wise” or, at least able to predict the future. Anyhow, do you see where all of this is taking us? It’s taking us down another false path all for the purpose of uniting us under a cruel world-wide godless government.

I know you, dear Readers, will not fall for this.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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3 Responses to Changing From the Heliocentric Model to Another Fraud

  1. blk says:

    Thanks for the article. You’re dead right. That’s why earlier this year, there was that supposed gravitational waves discovery ligo which is of course a hoax. They want people to believe that space time malleability. Prepping the minds for more false discoveries such as parallel universes and time travel. You should watch the movie deja vu with Denzel Washington. The CIA build a machine that allows them to look back in time at past crimes. Its filled with space time manipulation propaganda. They’re really pushing this on the masses lately.


  2. Jonathan says:

    Um the multiply universe theory or the many worlds theorem is not widely accepted. I am not sure if you were trying to say thats what you thought was coming or if you said it was something that had already been widely accepted. Sorry if i misunderstood you. To be honest I think the world is a globe, but I have no issues with people thinking the world is flat. Just out of curiosity how do you explain that people in Aurelia can not see the north star if we are on a flat earth under a dome? cause wouldn’t be in the center where everyone could see it? (If you dont want me to put the last part of the comment please shoot me an email and remove my comment and I will repost only the first part as I could understand if you dont want a debate in the comments section. As if other people got involved I am sure somebody immature would come along from one of the sides (global or flat) and would resort to name calling which is childish but sadly there are trolls on the internet 😦 they ruin everything) Any response will be appreciated 😀


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