Why Some People Don’t Want to Hear About the Flat Earth

Conspiracy theorist who are against the flat earth

There was one man who believes in the flat earth who went to a conspiracy convention. At the convention there was talk on just about every subject you can think of BUT ONE. That one exception is the flat earth. So, why are many people who are aware of the control and manipulation of society don’t want to hear about the flat earth? You would think that everyone would be interested.

All I can give is my observations but they make sense. There are those who do believe in the flat earth, as I have told several people myself, so it’s not everyone. This article is about those who will not believe in the flat earth.

When you talk about conspiracies in general, it includes: Aliens, UFOs, life on other planets, Neberu, disasters coming from outer space, Aliens living among us, Reptilians, Aliens controlling us from the hollow moon. You also have people who believe that they have made spiritual contact with ETs being channelled through some guru here on earth. This is all part of the New Age movement and Law of Attraction crowd. They may say, “We are not New Agers,” but they are. They don’t use the same name as it fell into disrepute years ago, so many of them don’t put any labels on themselves. But if you go to what is known as ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ conferences, you’ll see people like this (along with people who are simply selling healthy products).

“So, why is it that some of these people will talk on any conspiracy subject BUT the flat earth?”

The reason is, I believe, that the people who do believe in the above listed topics also have books, audio tapes and videos on these subjects. They have spent a lot of money on books and videos. This doesn’t count the money they spent on going to conferences. If they believed in the flat earth they would have to throw out all the books and videos; they would stop supporting their favorite guru, like David Icke and Ester Hicks.

If you are a guru, you would not want to even entertain listening to flat earth information. Watch a a video with David Icke with someone who brought up the flat earth. He brushed off the comment with saying something really stupid and ended the conversation. A person like Icke does know about what the corrupt government leaders are doing, the chemtrails that they are spraying on us, etc., but he does not believed in the flat earth. The answer is simple: he has a huge following, he has written many books and he has DVDs. He gives conferences where people pay anywhere from $100 and up to attend. If he acknowledge the flat earth, he would have to stop selling his many books and DVDs, his source of income would be reduced – to say the least. This, he doesn’t want to do. He knows he’ll lose thousands of his followers.

This is the same attitude that you see by doctors and nurses – they don’t want to hear about how drugs are poison to the body, that you can’t get well by taking these inorganic dangerous chemicals. All these medical professions paid a lot of money for their education. If they adopted the natural hygiene approach to health, they would no longer be able to practice medicine; no fat income.

All this comes down to fear:

  • Fear of losing money already invested
  • Fear of losing friends
  • Fear of losing your business
  • Fear of not being able to pay your mortgage

But if your career is not in medicine. Then, the only loss would have are the books and DVDs you bought. But isn’t truth worth more than being lied to? Don’t you think that God will not bless you in other ways? Yahweh, God created the world and all the wonderful things in it, so He can take care of you by other means. Just trust in God, do you part, and He’ll do His part.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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