Nice France Killing Analysis

With the killing of 84 people in Nice, France, it seems like attacks like this never stops. Now, after checking out the news about this event, this is not a false flag event like so many others. At first, I thought it was but it’s a case of the “boy who cried wolf.” It looks like there was some crazy Muslim who did this, as he was of Tunisia origin.

What this killing in France is an indication of how poor the government does its job. Not only of France but of all the all countries of the world. You never had events like this 50 years ago. You didn’t have killings like this by Muslims. Then, when you hear the President of France say that “we must live with terror,” and “that we will live through this,” is an indication that the government will not address and ACT on the source of the problem.

When you have killings like this that goes on, and like the one in Paris in November 2015, it will only make right wing parties, nationalist parties like Le Pen party to come to power. And the sooner that they do, the better. Even the dullest of people are waking up to see that the leftist, the Communist leaning parties, have brought the disaster on us that we see today.

Though this Nice attack is real, it still serves an agenda and that being, bigger government, a police state and harsher laws that will, in some way restrict our freedom. This is done by having real killings, and if they are not forthcoming, then have manufactured ones like in Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas.

Do you think these Muslims will attack the highest government leaders? No. The reason why is, that the current “leaders” are the Muslims best friends, as they have allowed the Muslims in the country in the first place. The politicians also tell the people things like: “This is not a Muslim problem, this is only the radical Muslims.” This is a lie, of course. Then, when there’s enough Muslims in the country the Muslims will vote for their own people.

Listening to RT News, I heard people say that we must live with terrorism and that this will be a long war. Is this what the people are willing to put up with? Is this the only thing that the people expect from their respective governments? We have so many problems now that we didn’t have many years ago is proof that those in power are acting against the interest of their people – certainly against the interest of real Christians. Under God’s Laws we would not have this problem.

The solution to this problem (Nice attack) is a “politically incorrect one” as all solutions are. And that is that Muslim should never have been allowed in the country in the first place. You see, “politically correct” is all based on preventing the right laws from being implemented. As long as people following the guidelines of “political correctness,” there never will be a solution, and it’s designed to be that way, as the non-Christians don’t want to see Yahweh, God’s Laws as the laws of the land.

Since this killing in Nice centres around a Muslim driver, it’s good to know more about what the Muslims believe in and their plans for non-believers. One of the best series of videos on this subject is by Professor Bill Warner. Here is one below. You can find others by doing a search on YouTube: Bill Warner Islam

(If I had posted this video here before, excuse me. But since we are talking on the subject of Muslims, it’s best to have a video with the article.)

You can see more  Click Here. (Bill Warner’s site)

Hre is an interview of Bill Warner by Alex Jones.


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