Specialist Preachers Like Specialist Doctors

You’ve heard of specialist doctors such as: podiatrists, endocrinologist, dermatologist, etc. Now we have specialist preachers. Though these preachers are not so narrow in their speciality field as doctors are, they are still there.

What do I mean by this?

You have preachers who mainly talk on prophecy; you have those who just preach on the New Testament; others who talk of just the love aspect of Christ. But these same preachers are totally ignorant on other vital topics of the Bible.

If you went to your church or studied on your own about a subject that is not taught, you are warned not do so. Preachers just want you to keep within the narrow confines of what they preach – not for you to read the whole Bible. This is similar to what the Catholic church had centuries ago where only the priests were allowed to read the Bible. When the Reformation started and Protestants were reading the Bible, the Catholic church had Protestants killed and burned their Bibles. Since they were unsuccessful in doing this, the next best thing is to get their congregation to only read the verses that the preacher reads in their sermons. People are so lazy today that they do no Bible reading on their own. But to make sure that the Christians don’t get out of line, there are now many versions of the Bible that has their own view of Scripture.

A lot of what churches today preach on is a lie, and many preachers specialise in certain lies. Case in point is, what you here in mega-churches run by the likes of Joel Osteen, Ken Copeland and others. They preach on wealth and prosperity. They have created such movements as:

  • Name it and claim it
  • Word of faith
  • Wealth and prosperity

These preachers literally specialise in milking their followers for all the money they can get. Of course, what they preach are lies. Nowhere in Scripture does Christ say, ‘Believe and you’ll be wealthy, give your money to me and I’ll return it 10 fold,’ or anything like that. Just look at the Apostles, were they rich, did have a mansions? No. they subsisted on what the people gave them in donations. Of course, many of them were killed for their beliefs. We all agree that there are obvious false preachers.

But what about those who are not false preachers?

There are good preachers out there and the topics they talk on are scripturally correct, but there are some important Bible issues they either are ignorant on or that it’s ‘not politically correct,’ to talk on. While you can get good sermons from these people, you will be on your own for ‘What else does the Bible say?’

Since this is a flat earth site and that we have had many articles that have biblical quotes that support the flat earth, you can see how someone can start a ‘flat earth church,’ that just focuses on this one topic. But the flat earth truth is not the only thing that good Christians need – we need the full Word of God. The full Word of God includes topics that will offend certain people, groups or even corporations. We must preach the word ‘both in season and out of season.’

What I’m getting at is, that I’ll Post more articles on here of other topics that the churches – both Protestant and Catholics will not touch with a 10 foot pole. The Usury and Rapture articles are two such examples, and there’ll be others that will follow. We have been lied to in so many areas of life, that the only way we can discover who we are and where we are going is to uncover the truth in as many areas as we can. There is so much to cover that I don’t think I’ll be able to cover them all. Also, I’m learning, too. But one thing for sure is, that we’ll cover other areas of deceit as time goes on. There be some areas where all I can do is write a little article, post a video and then give you a link where you can find out more. The fact is, that in some areas the topic is so large, the lying so massive, that there are good people who have spent years on their website to explore their specialised topic in great detail. My hat is off to these people!

There is so much to cover that in order to cover more, I feel that videos have to be posted here of me talking on various issues. The reason why I say that is, that it’s much faster than writing an article, as, with an article, there is the editing, spell-checking, and the general time it takes for me to type. But with a video (thought it would be more like an audio) there is none of that. So, look forward to some audio/videos being posted here.

Not all these topics will be on the Bible, so you’ll get some ‘secular conspiracies’ here, too. So, what is next?

As you know, if you read a previous Post, that I covered how usury/interest destroys a nation and what the Bible says the solution is. I covered this early in our conspiracy issues. I do hope you see how interest ruins an economy, and since the lack of money affect everyone, that is why I covered this topic as early as I did. As time goes on, I’ll pick another Bible topic that is not covered in the churches today. But I will also cover other areas that are ‘secular,’ if you will, that Christians should know about, such as what happened on September 11, 2001.

With all this in mind, let’s ‘put on the full amour of God’ and learn more truth.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Dan Vulgaris says:

    God work my brother , keep it up!


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