Proposal: Have the First International Conference of Flat Earthers

The City of Flat Earth Believers

John Dowie,

John Dowie,

I think that it’s very appropriate to have the First International Conference of Flat Earthers in Zion City, Illinois, since the leader and founding fathers of this city were flat earth believers. It would be like what UFO believers have done to Roswell, New Mexico.

As a side note, I don’t know if anyone has thought of an International Flat Earth Conference but it’s a good idea. What do you think?

Regardless of where it will be held, I think that it’s a great idea to have a conference, where people of like mind can get together and exchange ideas and make friends.

After I read the article on which the Post is a copy of, I thought I would do a search on Zion City to see if it was still in existence and thriving. I had heard of the name years ago but I had no idea that it was founded by a flat earther.

Wilbur Voliva leader of the Zionites.

Wilbur Voliva leader of the Zionites.

  Despite what you may disagree about the city and some of its strict laws, I found a number of interesting things about it, some of which are:

1 It is one of the few cities in the world that was laid out before it was built.

Zion is laid out with the lines of the Union Jack flag (lines from opposite directions going to the center).

2 All roads going North and South have biblical names with the exception of two. Of course, I don’t know what changes have been made in the past 100 years.

3 They had their own laws that differed from the rest of the country.

It should be noted that Dowie’s successor, Wilbur Glenn Voliva, was the first preacher to have an international radio station in 1921.

You can find more about Dowie and Voliva on Wikipedia. However, I do not condone the other things that they did, such as setting up a cult. This is wrong! However, I present this information here as part of the history of the flat earth. If any critic would want to point this out in a debate, it shows that they can’t stick to the facts of debating a flat earth along with the many, many Bible verses that support it. Keep in mind that evolutionists, atheists and agnostic that we debate have their fair share of crimes committed; maybe not them personally but others. So, if you are in a debate with a global earth believer, just remind them of this.

My Personal Comments on Zion City

zion city sign

Though there were laws that were fairly strict, they would not be for those who didn’t engage in such vices as: smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. But what if cities was set up with some of these laws, how would it be?

No smoking sign in Zion City.

No smoking sign in Zion City.

They would be much better off. For example, there would not be lung cancer due to smoking and other diseases related to that. There would be no alcoholics and problems related to that such as violence and divorce. There would not be the bar room fights – even if there were no bars – as this is what alcohol does. There would be no innocent people killed in road accidents. Family finances would be better as it would not be wasted on drinking. There would be no beating of children (do to drunken parents). There would not be the medical costs that are associated with people who are alcoholics, and the list goes on and on.

As far as medicine goes, if you know of the dangers of prescribed medicine you’d be horrified. In JAMA there appeared an article, I think back in 1999 in which this medical journal revealed that over 180,000 people are killed each year in the United States from prescribed medicine! Think of how better off society would be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times that a doctor needs to intervene to save a life – but this is talking about emergency situations. I know that I’ll get some slack from some Readers – as we are not all “on the same page” as it were. But just do your research first and you’ll find that the medical profession has a lot wrong with it. For more research on this, just go to: or and there you’ll find a ton of information on medical fraud AND natural ways to cure yourself.

On the Mercola site, the owner is a medical doctor (Joseph Mercola) and his site, along with Mike Adam’s site at Natural News, are the largest alternative health sites in the world. They also rank very high compared to ALL sites in the world. This shows that people are waking up!

Another law that was once outlawed under the flat earthers in Zion City and that is the eating of pork and oysters. I like to use the words “eating of pig,” as society years ago put an euphemism on it to make it “sound nice.” The Bible condemns the eating of pig products and crustations. This ban started with the Israelites, who later became Christians. The early Christians continued this until they changed – by whom and when, I don’t know but it wasn’t always a Christian thing to do. So, there are many things that we can learn from history, and this is one of them.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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