Theosophy, David Icke and the Flat Earth

In the previous article about titled: What is Man?, it talked about theosophy. This was started by a Jewess, by the name of Helena Blavasky from Russia, who later migrated to the United States. She picked up heathen practices and brought them to America. Over the years it has changed into “The New Age Movement” of the 1970s. Though the name “theosophist” or “theosophy2 was not used, the beliefs were. In the 21st Century you have theosophy being peddled in, the film “The Secret.” You also hear the words and belief of the old theosophist in the likes of David Icke, Eckard Troll in the book “The Shack.” You also have this pagan filth show up in people like Ester Hicks. This is really the continuation of the New Age Movement – but without the drugs and free sex. They try to distant themselves because of the bad publicity they got. When you ask any of these followers of the above people, they will give you some dumb look and say, “This is not the New Age information,” but in reality it is.

Another book that had been written back in the 1970s but is making a comeback is, “A Course in Miracle”. This book is basically saying what the “serpent” said in the Garden of Eden. It says that “We are gods.” Just like what Helen Blavasky said over 100 years ago.

Alice Bailey is another early proponent of theosophy and was a contemporary of Blavasky.

I’ll let the videos tell you the rest. However, feel free to do more research on your own.

This occult philosophy from

Alice Bailey 10-Point Charter & The Luciferian Agenda EXPOSED in Schools, Churches, Government

Alice Bailey and David Icke

Go half way through this video then listen and write what it said. Earlier is a picture of Icke’s book (Lion Awake), take a picture of it with the Jewish star in the center of it.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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