Questions from a Heliocentric Believer May 5

Here are some questions that I got from one reader. I’m sure that many other heliocentric believers have the same questions. So, here goes…

eclipse-lunar1Moon’s power source?

We don’t know and geocentric believers are humble and truthful enough to say so. We don’t hide our unknown in a bunch of weird math, present it to the people, tell them it’s gravity and can do all sorts of weird things and hope that the people believe it.

The moon has a power, that we don’t know about. But the fact that it does have some kind of power, it prevents it from falling to the earth. The same thing can be said for the sun.

Some flat earthers believe that the sun and moon are in the firmament and there are tracks that the sun and moon follow, verses the sun and moon under the firmament.

If sun is only 32 miles, what is its power source?

We think in terms of “our” power sources, and if it’s not one of them, we throw it out. Well, it’s well know that there has been other forms of energy that are not in common use today that have been discovered over the past 100 years or so. Nikola Tesla, was able to create massive amount of energy from what they called back then, the aether. Over the past 100 years this and other “free energy” sources have been covered up as money can’t be made from something that is free, practically free or universally available.

How much does the sun weight?

Let me ask you, heliocentric believer, how much does your model of the sun weight? You don’t have a real answer, you have one but it’s a lie. It’s a case of “B.S. baffles brains”. If you throw in math based on created figures such as, “The sun is 856,000 in diameter, it’s made of x, x weights 500 pounds per square ton. Now the formula is bla, bla, bla. Therefore the weight is 250 billion tons, for example. Now, believe it or not, the math would be right, and this is where the ‘bs baffles brains’ comes in, but the answer is wrong! Why? Simple, the sun is not that large, the energy source is not what they think it is. So, when the foundations of anything is off, anything built on it would be wrong, too.

Then, you have idiots that say, “I don’t believe because you don’t have the answer to how much the sun weights; you don’t know the energy source that makes the sun and moon move.” Well, these people can go their own way. They will never learn the truth because they are really not seeking the truth.

You don’t have to know all the answers to believe in something. Regarding the flat earth, knowing that water always seeks its own level is enough. And if that is not enough for some people, they can go their own way, as their questions will not be answered.

Geocentric believers admit they don’t know. Even not knowing something does not negate the fundamental facts that the earth is flat and stationary.

Is it subject to the law of mass?

Good question. Yes, everything is subject to the law of mass (things that are heavier than air falls). HOWEVER, if it has its own power source it can defy falling to the ground. How do you think a rocket flies? It has its own energy source. Even a human being can defy it by jumping. We exert energy and go up in the air, but since that energy is very little, we come down in a second.

What keeps it from crashing to the ground?

Another unknown that we admit we don’t have the answer to – unlike heliocentric people who create a convoluted thing that’s called ‘gravity’. I wonder if globe earth believers would be happy if I made something up and add a lot of math to it (that they don’t understand) – would they be happy than?

Some people are in ‘damage control’ always reverting to this so-called “gravity”. People will never believe in planets going around suns at fantastic speeds, tilting and spinning at the same time. People will never believe huge masses of planets going fantastic speeds without detecting any power source at all – either by instruments or by their own sense – UNLESS something called ‘relativity’ was created by someone who was promoted as a genius. Add a lot of math to it – to create the “smoke and mirrors” – and WALA, THEN you can get people to believe in this thing called “gravity.”

Has it been peered reviewed?

The short answer is, NO. Does it need to be?

Who control the ‘peer review review people – globe earth or flat earth believers? And there, you’ll have your answer.

There is “peer review” in just about every area of science, and if they are “the be all end all” of everything; if they are the citadel of truth, then why is the world in such a mess?!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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