What Makes the Sky Blue?


What Makes the Sky Blue?

Richard 2

This is an age-old question, and what we were given was an age-old lie. So, what makes the sky blue? I thought about this more seriously last night and I realized that the answer is in the Bible – like everything else.

We read in the Bible that God had the firmament separate the water from the waters. In Genesis we read:

6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

header-sky-blue-4This tells me that there are three things: the firmament, the water below and the water above. Now, we are told that the stars, sun and moon are in the firmament.

Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

What we are seeing is the blue of the water!

We have been told that the reason why the sky is blue is because the light from the sun gives it that colour from the blackness of space. This is bull – just like saying the earth is moving (one of several movements) around the sun. It’s a LIE, too, and it contradicts other things that our so-called scientists tell us. More about that later.

Getting back to the firmament and the water, first, it doesn’t matter how much darkness of space there is behind the sun, it would not make it blue. I thought about this: If you were out on a prairie of Kansas, for example, and it’s a cloudy night, you’d see blackness – right? Now, you light a camp fire – do you see blue when you look away from the camp fire? Of course not! You still see blackness. There is lesser light near the camp fire but when you look out further, you’d see the blackness of night. So, here we have NASA and other space agencies telling us that with the sun, it shows up the blackness of space as blue. It does not. It does not matter how far the cosmos goes by the way, it will still show blackness. If it’s a million miles or a million light years, it would be blackness. Of course, we know that there is no cosmos as we are told but I just said this to illustrate a point.


If you were back on the prairie of Kansas, sitting around the camp fire and you looked away towards the the horizon, you’d be shocked and yell out to your cowboy friend, “Hey, look at that wall of blue!” Seeing blue in this case would come as a shock. Now, if your friend said, “This is what light does to the blackness of space; this is what NASA tells us.” You’d realise that this is not so. But, somehow, we have cognitive dissonance when it comes to what we see in the sky. We accept the blue of the sky when the sun it out, but we know it should not be blue when there is a light at night on earth.

This is the thought that I got last night (19 April, 2016): that we are looking up at the bottom of a huge amount of water! The sun is illuminating the water and there is the reflection of blue. In the Bible when Yahweh, God describes the creation of the heavens and the earth, it is literal; you it’s literal by the context it’s in. When God said that he divided the waters from the water – it’s divided. And the earth came out of the water. We all know that there is water beneath, so, why don’t we believe that there is water above us? The reason is, probably, because people would expect the water to fall down on us if it were. BUT, if there is a firmament, which we are told by Yahweh, it is that which holds the water above. Otherwise, where would this water be. That is why the water doesn’t fall down on us, as it’s kept up by a dividing wall.

Thus, it came to my mind, what we are looking at is bottom of a huge “swimming pool.” Except this “pool” is not clear water. It’s probably salt water, like our oceans, and it has minerals in it, too.

When you drive along the beach and you look out, you see different shades of blue. This, we are not surprised and expect it – UNLESS we are looking at water that is close to shore, has algae in it, there is a storm at sea, or it’s heavily polluted. Otherwise, some shade of blue is the colour we expect to see. So, this is what we see when we look up.

God said He gave the lights to divide the darkness. We are told that it’s darkness – which is black. If you were outside at night and it was really a dark night and you look down at a swimming pool. Do you see the blue of the water? If you were on the beach, would you see the blue that you’d normally see? No. Now, when the sun comes up, you’d see the colour blue. Well, this is much like what we see during the day.

Why do I say it’s probably salt water? I just use logic. Since most of the water of the earth is salt with other minerals in it; and since this came from the same waters that was divided at the time of Creation, the other part, the part that is above us, would be of the salt, too. Naturally, it would be free from pollution.

It is the minerals along with the light of the sun, that gives it the colour of blue to our eyes.

“As above, so below,” we read in the Bible. There are many cases of what happens on a small or micro level happens that happens on a large or macro level. With this in mind, let’s continue…

Another thought came to me today and that is, when a baby is still in the womb, it is surrounded by amniotic fluid – which has salt in it. This fluid surrounds and protects the baby. Could it just be that God, in His loving mercy, surrounds us with this fluid in order to protect us? We have the sea and we are told of the deep under the earth. Then, we have this water that is above the firmament. With all this being salt and other minerals, it protects us and the earth, too. Give that some thought.

Studying nutrition, I mean true nutrition, and not what is pandered in medical school, I learned that there are something like 92 minerals in the sea. And that no matter what part of the ocean you take it from, or what sea you take it, there is an equal distribution of minerals. I’m sure there is some exception with heavy pollution, but aside from there, there is the equal distribution of minerals. It is minerals that give us life. It is minerals that revitalise the soil; that brings back to life micro organisms. And it is a, 2-3 percent salt water mixed with fresh water that brings to vibrate life the vegetables we grow in our gardens.

Life is in the water, and we have water above us and below us. And this is only possible on a FLAT AND STATIONARY EARTH. Amen!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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12 Responses to What Makes the Sky Blue?

  1. Ld says:

    Great article!
    I was wondering about this shortly after debunking ball earth lie.
    Im in the aviation heavy maintanance and what started my investigation was the aviation gyroscope proving flat earth

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  2. Astronomical Legacy of Prophet Daniel says:

    Additionally, I have been wondering what could be the cause of the blue day sky being a little bit lighter / brighter at the “horizon”? It’s like a bllue gradient. Beautiful one! Reflection of the white ice wall surrounding our circular plane or something? I don’t know…just asking. Thanks.

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  3. Paul Hogan says:

    The sky is blue because air is composed of particles that reflect or scatter sunlight in what is known as mie scattering or Rayleigh scattering. Shorter blue wavelengths are easily dispersed in air that’s why the sky is blue. Unless the oceans turn red and orange in gradients durisunrise


  4. Pat Daniel says:

    The sky is blue because God’s (YHVH) throne is like saphire and sits just above the firmament. Sky blue is the relection through moisture.


  5. Joey Terry says:

    I’ve never given thought to why the sky is blue but, this morning as I’m looking up into a perfectly clear blue sky it made me think that the only possiblity is that this blue we see on a clear day must be/has to be the waters above the firmament, was this the holy Spirit of God that made me think of this blue sky phenomenon, it absolutely has to be the waters above the firmament spoken about in the Holy scriptures that can explain this beautiful blue sky, why after 52 years of my life did I give thought to y this guy can be blue if we are in the outer space of the universe which is filled with darkness so again just more proof that the holy scriptures R-Truth anyhow thank you for your explanation as to why the sky is so blue and beautiful it has to be the waters above the firmament no other explanation is possible, NASA and other space agencies are nothing but lying deceitful evil agencies put in place by the devil to deceive us even more, so thank God this Revelation came to me this morning as I am sitting out looking into this beautiful blue sky and why the thought crossed my mind only God knows but that is the only true explanation for us seeing a blue sky it has to be just like the Holy Scripture say when God separated the waters above and below the firmament the Bible is so true if only we can read it and allow the words to come alive and explain to us in our spirit all of these questions only God himself can give us and again NASA and all of the other agencies that perpetrate lies and deception about things concerning Earth and the outer atmosphere and outer space I don’t believe we could ever send anyting and get it to go beyond the firmament the governments of the world spoon feed we the People or we The herd a bunch of lies hoping we will buy there lies okay thanks again for educating me or helping me understand why the sky is blue, so God bless have a blessed day, and amen!


  6. I agree wholeheartedly, amen! I thought I’d share a link with you to a video I made, that I think you’d appreciate.

    After clicking the link, click on “The Creation Controversy, A Biblical Flat Earth”


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