David Dees Learns About the Flat Earth

Flat Earth CGI by Graphic Artist David Dees


Welcome aboard the flat earth train David Dees! Dees, the graphic designer for Jeff Rense’s website for many years, has now learned and accepted the flat earth truth. David Dees is a first class graphic designer and his images graced the front page of Jeff Rense.

For those who don’t know about David Dees and Jeff Rense, let me explain. Dees does world-class graphic designs and most of what he does is of a political satire nature – exposing the lies and corruption of individuals and governments. For many years he devoted some of his time creating graphic illustrations for Jeff Rense. I believe that it was last year that Dees departed company with Rense – the reason, I don’t know.

david-dees-flat-earth-2Who is Jeff Rense? He has one of the largest alternative news websites in the world. His articles and radio interviews often covers subjects of government conspiracies, fraud, quackery in the medical profession and false flag events, such as 9-11. Jeff also covers UFO sights, which is how he became well known in the alternative news circles. Jeff has always been a gracious host and has allowed his guests to speak what is on their mind.

When Jeff Rense first got started, his website was named “sightings.com.” Then, years later it was changed to “rense.com.” His sightings.com website has been up for sale for a long time now. In the past year Rense put up his current site for sale, called, rense.com – though he still runs it. The “sightings” name was taken from the common term used when someone spots a “UFO.”


The following is conjecture on my part. Working with Rense, I’m sure that Dees had talked to him about the massive conspiracy of the flat earth but we don’t know what his reaction was. However, Rense still covers flying saucer/extraterrestrial news. Now, this is speculation, but did Rense accept the flat earth truth? And, if so, is he keeping quite until he sells his two websites in order to make money on it? After all, it’s hard to sell something whose central theme are UFO cover ups and not believe in it any more – that is, UNTIL after it’s sold. OR, does Jeff think that us flat earthers are full of nonsense and simply hasn’t said anything in order not to lose his subscribers.

This reminds me of another person who is a flat earth, but he “hedges his bets.” His name is Rob Skiba. Rob has a large following but he said he’s not totally convinced but is 99.9 percent there. Huh! What? Rob himself said that he wondered how his subscribers would take the flat earth (when he first learned about it last year). That’s another subject.

Another thing that I can’t help to think about is, did Dees leave Rense because of the flat earth issue? Or, did he leave simply because he wants to do other things in his life? I don’t know.

I recommend that you go to David Dees website at: http://ddees.com Here are two flat earth pictures that he made, which are on his site (see illustration here in this post). Also, here is a typical illustration of Dee’s “Sheeple Magazine.” As you can see it’s well done and gets the message across.

Check out his other fine illustrations.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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