Another Thought on The Heliocentric Cover Up

The End Goal of the Globe Earth Conspiracy

FE biblical laws 2There are many reasons why there is a cover up on the flat earth. Today, I would like to examine another angle to this. This angle, was not designed back 500 years ago, when the first heliocentric theory was put forth but it comes into play today. With the technology we have, the timing is perfect.

The world leaders – the real leaders that are behind the scene – are preparing for an “alien invasion.” I’m sure you have read about this angle before, but I would like to take it a step further – a step further than even the other Christian flat earth sites take it.

First, as you know not all flat earth sites/forums/videos are Christians. Then those that are, they are lacking even the bigger picture. What do I mean?

Let me start off in the beginning of this ‘alien invasion thing.’ As most of you have read, the government is planning an ‘Alien invasion,’ and in order to do that, everyone has to believe in the heliocentric model of the universe. If they believe in the flat earth, they know that we are the only ones – with Heaven literally above us. Therefore, there can no Aliens invading us – of course, there are the Mexican and Muslims coming in, but that is another discussion 😉

The alien concept was thought of many years ago, as the antichrists who rule us know that their evolution model is bankrupt; they have to come up with a creator but not THEE CREATOR of the Bible. It will be put forth that, E.T.s have created us. In fact, this ideas has been floating around the internetfor years now but as a flat earther, you can see how it plays into the hands of the enemies.

This ‘invasion’ will happen, I think, when the economy is in free fall. The Aliens will ‘know what laws we should have’ to bring security to the world.

The Invasion Scene

"What's the news from Washington?"

“What’s the news from Washington?”

The invasion scene might play out like this:

UFO are sighted

they land

the military meets them

they are taken to ‘our leader’

this will be covered by the news

the ‘spacecraft’ leaves

the report of the meeting is given in the media

The ‘Report’ will be that we must all live under the One World Government; we should chose _______ as leader; these are the laws we should have for the economy, peace and security, bla, bla, bla.

Of course, this will all be staged. With the technology that we really, something can come out of Area 51 that looks like a huge flying triangle, land at a pre-designated area. Pictures of E.T. will be taken from a distance; the meeting will take place; the results of that meeting will be made.

There will be no more fun made of believers in UFOs and civilizations from other planets. The purpose of all this is, that this ‘Event’ will be used to ‘rally all the people together;’ people who would normally be in rebellion because of the Depression. The Aliens, will, of course, be the all-knowing, the kind and loving creatures; they just have our good at heart. So, we should follow their laws. Of course, part of the laws would be to imprison and kill those who don’t go along. What freedoms we have remaining would be taken away – for our own good, of course.

One Step Further

Now, there are many in the conspiracy movement, including those who believe in the flat earth like us, would say is the end goal. But I think that it’s more than that.

You see, by having people believe in E.T.s and following ‘what they say,’ is not getting to the point. It all comes down to: “Do we follow man’s laws OR do we follow Yahweh, God’s laws?”

As mentioned in my previous post, there is a large group of non-Bible believers among the flat earth group. Then, there are other good Christians, and they are good, and they believe in the Bible and the flat earth but… As far as I know, none of them believe in Bible law. I, personally have believed in biblical laws for many, many years.

If you go to any church, you’ll hear the preacher say, ‘We are not under the law, we are under grace.’ And, you’ll hear that from the Christians – flat earth believers or not. Even if we got the world to believe that the earth is flat and stationary, these people will still be for some kind of man-made law – or maybe Alien made law. In short, we would not have solved our problems.

Before the technology that we have now that would enable the US government to fake Alien landing, the evil leaders were preparing the people to not believe in God’s laws. But with ‘smarter Aliens’ telling us what to do; these ‘enlightened Aliens filled with love and light’ telling us what to do – we will fall for it. But even without the Alien Agenda, nearly all Christians are lost as to what laws we should have. Now, there are many books written on biblical laws, and it takes books to cover this subject, so I can’t answer why we should have biblical laws in this article. But for me, the fact that God said we should is good enough for me.

I know that you’ll be left with many questions and doubts, but think of this: who are we, the created, telling the Creator what to do?

In short, we should not fall for this ‘Alien invasion,’ and we should not fall for man-made laws, either! Just look at the laws we have now and the mess it got us in. ‘Alien laws’ will be no better.

The more people who believe in a flat earth; that the Bible supports it, the fewer people will fall for an ‘Alien invasion.’

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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