Did Dinosaurs Exist?

Dinosaur Hoax

Many people today would say, “Sure dinosaurs existed?” Evolutionists and Christians would agree. Though the two would disagree of how they got here – one would say the evolved, while the other say they were created? But, could it be that they are both wrong – as far as the existence of dinosaurs?

Consider this, dinosaur bones were not discovered until the 19th century. So, what happened to the centuries before? Why didn’t farmers and explorers come across them through the ages? Why, when the “discovery” was made they were all done by archaeologists and palaeontologist? Why is it that just the people with degrees discovered them?


There was a time during the mid 19th century there were the “war bones,” where two scientists were battling it out as to who discovered what. As it turned out, they were both involved in fraud; where their claims to a “new dinosaur” was thrown out years later.

The class “Dinosauria” was originally defined by “Sir” Richard Owen of the Royal Society, and Superintendent of the British Museum Natural History Department in 1842.

This rush to discover dinosaurs came about the time that Darwin came out with his Origins of the Species. You see, it is the “discovery” of dinosaurs that supports the evolutionist. They now have “physical proof” of dinosaurs. Well, this proof, as it turns out is made of a fragments of bone added with plaster casts in order to create a whole dinosaur.

Then you have Kent Hovind come along. Though he is a good Christian he is completely wrong on the dinosaur issue. Why do I point him out? Well, he is perhaps the biggest advocate of the dinosaur issue among the Christian conservative pastors. In fact, he is often affectionately called, “Dr Dino.” He goes around the country speaking on the dinosaur issue along with his creation talk.

He has a museum of “dinosaur bones” that displays “dinosaur bones” in such a way as to make it fascinating to kids. His museum is in Pensacola, Florida. Would Dr Hovind ever consider that the dinosaur issue is a hoax? Would he even look at the issue and study it? No.

While Kent is spot on when it comes to debating evolutionists, he is wrong when he talks about dinosaurs. Very few people, especially those who have made a name in one area, would come forth and admit they were wrong, that they were taken in, that they were fooled on a given topic. In Kent’s case, the dinosaur issue.

By the way, Kent Hovind was told about the flat earth last year. You can see his video on YouTube. His response was he “poo-pooed” aside. He just brushed this off. Now, this is very strange for him as he often talked about the scientific method when debating evolutions; and he prided himself of being a science teacher for 15 years. Yet, his cavalier attitude is just like those that he debates. He should look in the mirror when he does this. So, Kent, like millions of other Christians do not want to examine the other side. After all, it’s easier to remain where you are as your friends already know what your beliefs are, and, perhaps, your friends were probably chosen based on what you had in common. While changing your belief may come hard, you can at least make new friends with your new found beliefs.

Anyhow, here is a short video clip on the dinosaur hoax. And you might want to do your own research; don’t take my word – examine the issue yourself.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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