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The Earth is Not Moving

what's going on with antarcticaThey then claim that the Flat Earth model does not explain the Sun’s movement over and around the stationary Earth, which of course it explains far better than the ridiculous heliocentric model. The Sun and Moon luminaries revolve around the flat Earth once every 24 hours illuminating like spotlights the areas over which they pass. The Sun’s annual journey from tropic to tropic, solstice to solstice, is what determines the length and character of days, nights and seasons. This is why equatorial regions experience almost year-round summer and heat while higher latitudes North and especially South experience more distinct seasons with harsh winters. The heliocentric model claims seasons change based on the ball-Earth’s alleged “axial tilt” and “elliptical orbit” around the Sun. Their flawed current model even places us closest to the Sun (91,400,000 miles) in January when its actually winter, and farthest from the Sun (94,500,000 miles) in July when its actually summer throughout much of the Earth. They say due to the ball-Earth’s tilt, different places receive different amounts of direct sunlight and that is what produces the seasonal and temperature changes. This makes little sense, however, because if the Sun’s heat travels over ninety million miles to reach the ball-Earth, how could a slight tilt, a mere few thousand miles maximum, negate the Sun’s ninety million mile journey, giving us simultaneous tropical summers and Antarctic winters?

“The earth is a stretched-out structure, which diverges from the central north in all directions towards the south. The equator, being midway between the north center and the southern circumference, divides the course of the sun into north and south declination. The longest circle round the world which the sun makes, is when it has reached its greatest southern declination. Gradually going northwards the circle is contracted. In about three months after the southern extremity of its path has been reached, the sun makes a circle round the equator. Still pursuing a northerly course as it goes round and above the world, in another three months the greatest northern declination is reached, when the sun again begins to go towards the south. In north latitudes, when the sun is going north, it rises earlier each day, is higher at noon and sets later; while in southern latitudes at the same time, the sun as a matter of course rises later, reaches a lesser altitude at noon and sets earlier. In northern latitudes during the southern summer, say from September to December, the sun rises later each day, is lower at noon and sets earlier; while in the south he rises earlier, reaches a higher altitude at noon, and sets later each day. This movement round the earth daily is the cause of the alternations of day and night; while his northerly and southerly courses produce the seasons. When the sun is south of the equator it is summer in the south and winter in the north; and vice versa. The fact of the alternation of the seasons flatly contradicts the Newtonian delusion that the earth revolves in an orbit round the sun. It is said that summer is caused by the earth being nearest the sun, and winter by its being farthest from the sun. But if the reader will follow the argument in any text book he will see that according to the theory, when the earth is nearest the sun there must be summer in both northern and southern latitudes; and in like manner when it is farthest from the sun, it must be winter all over the earth at the same time, because the whole of the globe-earth would then be farthest from the sun!!! In short, it is impossible to account for the recurrence of the seasons on the assumption that the earth is globular and that it revolves in an orbit around the sun.” –Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (124-125)

Next up, The Young Turks, YouTube channel that has over 1 million subscribers, give the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society bullshit fake flat Earth argument of “Universal Acceleration” of the flat-Earth disc constantly accelerating upwards to account for gravity. This same ridiculous false flat-Earth argument also appears on Wikipedia and the FES homepage. It is provably wrong as the “upwards accelerating disc” would smash into all helicopters, planes and hot-air balloons making sustained flight of any kind impossible, but they purposely promote these strawman arguments so flat Earth neophytes will rightly laugh off their dumb explanations, and then following suit, write off the entire subject. In reality, Gravity Does Not Exist, and everything purported to be explained by gravity is in fact a property of Density.

They next explain their “red-shifting” non-sense color method of determining distances to stars! Modern astronomy’s highly “scientific” way of determining the distances to the stars is by matching the color of light coming from the star on the electro-magnetic spectrum with an alleged distance starting with the closest star being 25 trillion miles away! In actuality you can watch stars twinkle and change color regularly, and if they have never even been to the closest star, then measuring based on the color of light is complete speculation. Geocentrists for centuries, however, have used sextants and plane trigonometry to determine the distance of the celestial bodies and found them to be within a few thousand miles from the surface of the Earth, NOT a ridiculous 25+ trillion miles away!

“If there were not any satellites in space, you could not be watching this video.” No. All supposed “satellite” technology is done via ground-based towers and technologies. Fibre-optic cables running across the oceans are responsible for worldwide internet (as shown in my video below) NOT satellites. Google images of satellites and you’ll find nothing but cartoons and photoshop bull. Not to mention, the components in satellites would completely melt in the thermosphere where they’re said to exist. The lights you see moving across the sky are planes, drones, stars, or other unidentified flying objects, NOT “satellites” or space stations “floating” in the vacuum of infinite space (which as I’ve explained in every interview, is philosophically/physically impossible).

Next they lie again and claim that I claim that “there are no flights to the South Pole.” I’ve never claimed this, I’m well-aware and speak of the guided tourist photo-ops they make to an arbitrary point along the Antarctic ice and call the “South Pole.” It’s just a red/white barbershop pole with a ball-Earth on top they encircled with the flags of all the sell-out nations that signed the Antarctic treaty. This is provably NOT the South Pole.

Of course, much more can be said of the different allegations the debunkers throw at flat earthers, but this will be covered at another time or as these allegations arise.

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