Bible and science, by Lady Blount, part 1

Bible-kjvThe following is taken from an old flat earth booklet of an address by Lady Blount around the year 1898. I will post this in parts. Much wisdom can be had from the past – before the time of ‘political correctness’ and being afraid to offend those of another religion.

(All grammar, spelling and punctuation is as the original.)

TRUTH has a certain sound, divinely garnished,

But fiction ever is with falsehood tarnished.

The truth of the Religion of any people may be tested by its Cosmogony; and according to whatever it may be, the system of Religion associated with it must stand or fall.” Lord Macaulay (Lives of the Popes.)

Science is simply from the Latin word Scientia, which means Knowledge reduced to system under general facts or principles.

Fact we know is solid, and is the very essence of veracity. But Romance is not Truth. It is the very opposite to it; it is fiction.

Now we maintain that no system, however elaborated, can be placed on the high pedestal described as “Science” unless it be incontrovertibly based and founded upon Fact.

Therefore all things, whether they be methods, or systems, or mere calculations, without a true factor or foundation to start upon, are really only superficially erected upon hypothesis: and, being without true origin or foundation, we know are not only unproven in themselves, but, when such things are in contradiction to the Holy Scripture, they cannot be more graphically described than as the Scriptures describe them, viz.: “Science falsely so-called.”

And this so-called “science” is not true knowledge; it is opposite to Truth.

Nevertheless undivided truth is essential to every individual upon the face of the earth, and not merely a part of it; and so far we are bound in error we are held in bondage.

If we are thus bound unwittingly, or even unwillingly, we may not suffer condemnation. But in any case we shall suffer loss – and it may be great loss.

It is a disadvantage from an argumentative standpoint, when dealing with atheistic opponents to the Bible and its inspiration, if we are not equipped so as to be able to defend it from every possible point of view.

But alas! The world of children, in all sorts of schools, are taught to regard Modern Scripture contradicting “Science,” as far as the whirling globe theory is concerned, as infallible; while the Bible Cosmogony is set down as being very fallible! Frequently do I repeat this sad fact, but I desire to do so in the spirit of Phil. 3:1

Some men assert that they have “more evidence in favour of their so-called science than the teachings of Moses;” and infidels assume that “Moses can be shown to be caught red-handed in ignorance and error;” and they ask derisively: “What shall we think of the Christ who quoted and referred to Moses as an authority?”

But Jesus, the Christ, who stated when He was before His earthly judge, Pontius Pilate, that He had come froth from the Father, God, to bear witness to the truth, said: “Hay ye believed Moses, ye would have believed Me; for he wrote of Me. But if ye believe not his writings how shall ye believe my words?” John 5:46,47

Therefore, there can be no variation in replying to the question: What is Truth?

God’s Word is Truth, i.e., The Creator’s Word.

And Jesus Christ is the embodiment of that Word.

“And the Word was made flesh.”

It is an unimpeachable fact that the Bible is as scientifically accurate in its description of Creation, as it is in setting forth Redemption in and through our dear Redeemer.

A well known infidel has said that “Christians are fools, because they place their faith in the Bible in some things while they own it to be fallacious in others. For instance, they accept its offer of “salvation,” and rest upon its promises on these lines; but at the same time they accept the teaching of man with regard to Modern Science, as being more reliable than the Bible, which it flatly contradicts as to the facts of Creation.

Next Post we’ll look at the origin of the Scripture-contradicting “Science.”

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