Cassini Satellite Helps Find 9th Planet

Calla Cofield

We are told that scientists believe there could be ‘planet 9’ just found. Again, this is another created news story to keep the money coming in.

Hunt for 9th planet 2In the Yahoo News article I found there is a picture of the satellite, Cassini near Enceladus, which is ‘a moon of Saturn.’ The caption under the picture is: Cassini at Enceladus

There is no mention at all in the article that this is a Photoshop type picture. Not only is it a computer generated picture but it’s one that is highly imaginative; they don’t even try to be real! Think about it, how can two planets be so close to each other and one not collied into the other? Even the astronomers will see the absurdity of this picture (two planets very close to each other) . So, how can this small body get so close to a largeer one and not be completely drawn in and thus crash?

Hunt for 9th planetSee what other fake features you see in the  picture.

I looked up Enceladus in Wikipedia and it says that the surface is -350 F (or there about). How can any man-made object, such as Cassini, operate? The whole satellite would be brittle and cease to function.

Later in this article we are told of how, ‘“It captures breathtaking images of Saturn, makes death-defying dives toward its moons and measures the precise location of Saturn at various times during its orbits around the sun.”

It sounds like James Bond driving in his car on wild street chase!

Clear pictures sent back to earth

Think about that for a minute – how can a satellite that is billions of miles away from us send us beautiful clear pictures and other data to us? Heck, look at the poor quality we get from a Skype call when we are only 100 miles away! Not to criticise Skype, but the fact is, we know how communication is here despite all the technology we have. We have: cable, microwave towers and other relay devices. Yet, we are to believe that something that is billions of miles away can generate a signal, send it through space, through the extreme heat and cold, with no relay towers to boost the signal, and be received here showing, among other things, a clear picture of whatever it takes? Nonsense!

Just think of this when you talk to someone about the flat earth and they come back with an objection about pictures sent by satellites billions of miles away. Just tell them, in a kind, understanding tone, about the impossibility of this happening. Usually, if they are think at all on the subject they’ll realise the truth. Of course, they could be in denial so they don’t have to deal with it. But otherwise, I’m sure you see of the impossibility of sending signals from space.

Read more here.

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