Fake Globe Earth News 25 January

Fake Globe Earth News

As I mentioned in a previous Post, the Establishment needs to create ‘news’ of what they found in space, space launches, etc., to reinforce the heliocentric model of the universe and to keep the tax-payer funding coming in.

Here are three recent ones. I’ll start with the oldest first.

9 th ‘Planet’ Discovered

There was supposedly a 9th planet discovered that is 60 billion miles away (Pluto was declassified several years ago as being too small to be a planet.). It was discovered by other means than with a telescope. A picture was shown on the far side of this planet for the news media to distribute.

Lying by omission. The interesting thing is what the media doesn’t tell you. In this case, they provide a picture of the planet but they don’t say that it is a picture or a CGI; they just leave it as it is, which makes people automatically think that it’s a real photo. Then, if making a photoshop picture is not bad enough, they do it from the far side. (In the photo that I’ve seen, the sun is on the other side, but (mysteriously) there is reflective light to show the other side! Yet, on the other hand we are told when you are in space and in the shadow that it’s pitch black. So, where did this reflective light come from – a star that is at least a couple of light years way?

The Most Remote Island on Earth

The most remote island on earth is looking for employees, the news story goes. There was a real short blurb on Yahoo News. So, I went to Wikipedia to find out more…

22 January 2016

Tristan da Cunha is situated midway between South Africa and South America and is looking for farmers- well an agricultural advisor to be specific.


From Wikipedia…

Tristan da Cunha is both a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean and the main island of that group. It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) from the nearest inhabited land, Saint Helena,[3] 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi) from the nearest continental land, South Africa,[4] and 3,360 kilometres (2,090 mi) from South America.


What makes me think this is strange is that distance that we are told this island is from South Africa and South America. I believe the distance is much greater. For a flat earth would have the southern continents much further apart. I would not be surprised that the distance we are told about between southern continents, for example, is a big lie.

If you happen to be flying to some remote island in the South Atlantic, the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific, note where you are taking off from; note the hours flying, and using an average speed of 500mph to do your calculations. What do you come up with? We know that Captain Cook sailed around the Antarctica and it took him THREE YEARS! And, he didn’t complete it. Which leads me to the next news item.

Solo Crossing of the Antarctica

The front page of the UK Daily Mail (25 January, 2016) has an article about a British man who attempted to cross the Antarctica lone. He would have been the first man to do so if he made it. We are told that he was 30 miles short but died as a result of organ failure.

Again, by having news to make people think that you can cross the Antarctica would support the globe earth theory. When, in fact, the Antarctica is spread out along the outer edge of the earth. What actually happened is that he was given a route that cuts along the edge of the continent but far enough inland to never see the ocean. It’s easy to fool explorers into thinking that they are cutting right through the land.

Think about this, Worsley would have been given a map to use. And, who would have provided the map? The British military, probably. Any explore who gets their map or route from the government would have complete faith in them. The government, of course, supports a globe earth. So, any explorer or group of people would really think that they crossed the Antarctica.

How did Former Army officer Henry Worsley die? He could have actually died from what we are told but even if he made it, then the news would have been used as a ‘confirmation’ that the Antarctica is surround by the ocean at the bottom of the globe.

Keep news stores like this in mind when you are talking about the flat earth to someone. When they say, ‘But what about Henry Worsley crossing the Antarctica?’ you’ll know how to answer them.


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1 Response to Fake Globe Earth News 25 January

  1. Bruce says:

    Henry Worsley’s widow (wife) is portrayed in a video crying over a picture of the words, “I am the antarctic” that he supposedly wrote in the snow, this picture was on his camera when he was recovered. The first thing to notice is the lack of foot prints round the writing but perhaps it was written with a stick (I thought) but if you look at the letters “T” it looks more like computer font has been used and worse still the only image properties state it’s made in photoshop, check yourselves. I do agree that it seems unlikely he was ever there. More over how did Amundsen and Scott walk 1800 miles through terain like that and camp out for three months in -25 celsius conditions. I have no doubt that these two explorers tossed a coin to say who got there and used the other as evidence (supposedly) of that great feat. Scott never mentions his wife and son in his dying words, instead he retires to Newzealand and sends for his wife to jion him. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Bruce


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