Flat Earth Chat With Strangers 23 January 2016

By Richard Snowden

I thought it would be good to have a regular feature about my chat with strangers on the flat earth. Hopefully, this will encourage you to have conversations about the flat earth, too.

Today, I went to my regular café and saw another couple having coffee. We were the only ones there, so it made it an ideal time to to talk about the flat earth. I started off with small talk. After awhile I introduced the flat earth topic. It went something like this:

‘You know, a lot of people are ignorant about geography. So, let me start with this – if I pour water off a table it falls to the floor, right? This is because water seeks its own level. If I pour water off a basketball – it would fall off, too. If I threw the basketball thousands of miles per hour – if such a thing would be possible – it would disintegrate. YET, we are told this is what’s happening to the earth!

I then talked about the distance you can see an object. ‘We are told by astronomers and people in NASA of the maths involved (8inches times the distance squared). This is the figure that they give us.’ Then I used the Bradford Canal in Cornwall experiment; that we should not be able to see a boat that is 6 miles away. I said, ‘How is this possible IF the earth is a globe?’ They couldn’t answer this.

Then the lady quipped, ‘I guess some things we are just to accept.’

I then went into an example of a swimming pool. ‘A swimming pool contains its water because it has a wall around, too. So, too, earth has a wall around it.’

‘Really?’ the lady said.

‘Yes, and you can find many pictures of this just.’

‘You can?’

‘Just go to Google and do a search with the words: ‘Antarctic ice wall,’ and you’ll find many pictures of ice walls from 150 – 200 feet high.’

Throughout the conversation I said three times, ‘You might think that I’m crazy but that’s OK. Just check it out yourself.

‘The Antarctic is not like Australia – surrounded by water but it’s stretch out along the edge. Just think of the earth shaped like a CD; with the centre of the CD being the North Pole.’

I also mentioned you can go around the earth that is flat like you can a globe. Just imagine you are on the centre of the grove on the CD, you can go from East to West and come back again on a flat earth as you can on a globe.

The gentleman then brought up Columbus and said, ‘Christopher Columbus sailed looking for India; how did he do that? Why didn’t he sail off the edge?’

I responded, ‘He would have had to sail South. He didn’t because he wanted to stay within certain latitudes to find India. He would have had to sail South a long way.’ (Of course, no one can sail off the edge because of the ice wall and the elevated continent.) When I reminded him about the ice wall conversation we had; then he understood.

‘The gentleman then said, ‘What about the flights in space?’

I responded, ‘Did you ever hear that we didn’t go to the moon?’ And they both had heard about it.

In short, it was a pleasant conversation. Because they had to go at this point, I ended the conversation with, ‘Just do a YouTube search with the words: flat earth, flat earth proof, flat earth clues. You’ll find many videos. They also have good pictures and video clips that go along with the conversation.’

They both said they’ll check it out this evening.

I also gave them my contact information.

In the next Post, I’ll write about the elements of this conversation that should help you when you talk to strangers about the flat earth.

I hope you find this article and the next one of interest.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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