Gravitation Defined

Gravitation Defined

From Earth Not a Globe Review, January 1895

By “ Zetetes”

In the science schools of to-day our pupils are taught the atomic

theory, namely : that all bodies consist of innumerable minute particles^

so small that they are invisible and cannot be further divided, or cut up,

as their name, atoms, implies. These atoms, the gods of the scientist

and evolutionist, may all be the same size, if we can attach size to such

infinitely small things, or potentialities, but they have not all the same

specific gravity or weight. Hydrogen, a kind of gas, is the lightest body

known. Hydrogen may be obtained by a combination of sulphuric

acid, zinc clippings, and water. As the gas bubbles up through the water

we catch a little in a glass bottle, or a test-tube. We may fix our mind’s

eye upon one molecule of hydrogen, and let all the others go free. -We

work this molecule safely inside a small glass tube. It is the lightest

body known upon the earth, and it is easier to pull about light bodies

than heavy ones. Now, the theory of gravitation is that all the atoms

in the earth and in the world are attracting, or pulling at this molecule

of hydrogen ; and that, being nearest to the earth, the latter will have the

most power over it. We will not pause to show further the absurdity of

this theory, and the infinite number of bonds and filaments our little

molecule must possess to be in pulling connection with all the atoms of

the universe; but we will proceed to liberate it from the bottle, not from

the bonds, and watch, with mental vision, its behaviour, on being so far

set free. Now what course ought the molecule to take, if the theory of

our astronomical friends be true ? Clearly and rapidly downwards to

the earth, pulled down unmercifully by ten thousand times ten million

threads or gravitating cords. We turn the bottle neck downwards and

draw the cork. The molecule of hydrogen ascends in the glass, and

refuses to leave the bottle. Remember, every atom in the so-called

“ globe” is pulling with all its might at our little molecule of hydrogen;

yet It refuses to leave the jar ! Turn the glass right side up, and now

our molecule, really liberated, mounts up above the highest clouds, in

complete defiance of the combined pull of all the gravitating forces in

the “ globe.” That molecule must be a Zetetic. It stands aloof from

all the nonsensical “ forces,” or theories, of the astronomers, and mounts

upwards and onwards in defiance of them. It defies, as we defy, all

their metaphysical “ reasoning ” and jargon about gravitation. I f

bodies falling to the earth prove gravitation, what do bodies ascending

from the earth prove ? I f the “ globe ” can pull at a distant body like

the moon and make it “ fall ” through sixteen feet per second, why can

it not pull at air, smoke, clouds, gases, & a , close at hand, and make

them all lie down in layers upon its surface ? The conclusion is evident;

a force that cannot overcome a little helpless molecule of hydrogen, is

no force at all. The apple was too much for it, and so is the molecule.

Bodies rise or fall, according to their inherent density, or weight, and

they remain at rest whenever and wherever they attain their equilibria.

This is reasonable, because it is natural; yet at the same time it is utterly

opposed to the fanciful speculations of the scientists, who darken counsel

with words without knowledge. In the whole wide world there is no

such thing as the astronomer’s “ attraction of gravitation.” I challenge

any of them to prove it. I will, in conclusion, proceed to show that

their idea of.

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