Matt Boylan and Mark Sargent Are Wrong on Flat Earth Topics

Matt Boylan and Mark Sargent Are Wrong on Flat Earth Topics

There was an interview done by Coast to Coast with guest Mark Sargent which you can hear on YouTube. One point in the audio, Mark was asked why there is dome; why are we kept in here. His response is that there are others out there that don’t want us to come in contact with them; that we will mess it up for them. He said that Matt feels pretty much the same way.

The reason why I bring this up is that these two people are big in the flat earth movement. There are other flat earthers who disagree with these two people, including Eric Dubay, the people on his chat forum. And, Christian Flat Earth Ministry disagree. Let me explain.

Mark Sargent puts out some good flat earth information but where he is wrong will lead good people astray. He talks about that the dome was made by others, implying an alien race. That they want to keep us in this enclosed dome and that is why it is there. With that in mind, listeners will still believe in aliens and if they don’t believe in them now, will be lead to believe in aliens.

First, most flat earthers, including myself, know that the dome or whatever you want to call it was not built by another civilization but by Yahweh himself. We are told this in the Bible, so what more do you want. To say that it was built by E.T.s then Mark will have some explaining to do, namely, where did they come from?

If some other race outside of earth built it, then where do they live? Does that mean that Mark Sargent believes that there are other worlds out there? And are these other worlds globes speeding through space? If they are flat, then show some proof.

In this Coast to Coast interview with George Noony, George does not ask the obvious questions about what kind of planet do the aliens live on – is it round or flat? And, whatever shape, how does that fit in with the earth?

What this dome is, which the Bible calls the “firmament,” that it keeps our atmosphere in place. Think if you are to make a contained living space but the animals need a certain kind of atmosphere, what you would you need to keep it in? You’ll need some form of dome (probably a glass one) would you not? If you were to make an atmosphere that is composed of different ratios of gas than what we have on the outside, you’ll need a dome to do so, otherwise it will quickly drift away from this little land area that you created in a lab. Now imagine that this kind of animal needs a different ratio of gases than what we breath, they would die if there was not a dome to keep it in. After all, air very easily drifts away. It doesn’t matter what kind of gas it is, it could be oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide, all gases are very susceptible to air movement.

This firmament serves two purposes, one to keep out atmosphere in, and two, to keep us inside.

What is on the outside?

We just have the Bible to go on but this book has proved to be the word of God, so we can absolutely trust it. Over the dome we are told is heaven and where the throne of God is. There has to be some form of dividing. And as for what they breath, I don’t know, so that must be another reason. Since we are talking about the spirit world, I don’t know what they breath or even if they have to. Just thank God that the beautiful dome with the stars in it is there.

With Mark Sargent taking God out of the equation and saying that aliens put us here is going back to what the Jew World Order wants us to believe, or soon wants us to believe. What is that? That aliens created us and not Yahweh God.

As for other planets, as for endless space? There isn’t any. All we have to do is read the Bible again to find out answers. John 3.16 says, for God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life.

What does this verse mean that millions of Christians know by heart? It means, in addition to believing in Christ that we shall live forever but it has another message. “Only begotten” means one. And what that means – there can’t be other planets out there! For if there were billions of other planets – as we are told – then logic would say at least a small percentage would have sin. And if they have sin, how would they be saved? Knowing about the flat earth should really humble us in that we are the “apple of God’s eyes;” that He really does love us and He is watching right over our head.

We are the object of God’s attention and with that, that means there can’t be billions, millions, or even thousands of other planets out there that God has to give attention to. This means that outside of the firmament (dome) is NOT what Matt and Mark would have you believe it is.

Mark Sargent goes on to say in this interview “…that it’s not just the world leaders want to make us think we are on a ball but also those who built it; as the globe model will serve their (meaning aliens) purpose. As a globe model would keep us from knowing we are under a dome.” These are not his exact words but this is the essence of what he said.

Again, mark Sargent is wrong by saying that aliens put us here and that the globe would keep us from looking at the boundaries. While it is true that a globe earth will not make us think that we are contained in here, it is NOT the aliens that created us or created the earth. It’s God that did the creating.

He is also wrong in that this is meant to be kept from us. God did not act like the world leaders to make us think our earth is different than what it really is. God Himself told us about the nature of the earth, he did not deceive us as our world leaders have done. And, we have not been deceived by some alien race that built earth. God said there is a dome (firmament) over us. He said the Sun moves (as opposed to the earth). He said the earth has foundations that it cannot move (disproves the speeding earth through space). God said that he sits above the circle of the earth (you can only have a circle on a flat surface).

The goal of the Jew World Leaders is to announce soon that the aliens made us, as they have give up on the evolution as it caused too many problems for them. So, that is why you see major mainstream media introducing the alien visitation without the snide remarks that they used to make. Of course, by saying that aliens created us and the earth gets us away from God and his laws that we are to have. It will still make us worship a false god or no God at all. So, I see Mark Sargent steering the flat earth movement away from the God of the Bible, and leading it to aliens from another planet. All of this is alignment with the anti-Christs world leaders. The final question is, is Mark doing this on his own or is he working on the world leaders’ behalf? In any case, we will be lead away from the knowledge of the true God.

I would think that Mark is deliberately in agreement with the N.W.O. Why? Because, he has been to other flat earth sites, he’s read the posts and read the old flat earth booklets. In the flat earth booklets of 100 years ago, they were Christians, so he knows the many references to the geocentric earth and the Bible. And, Mark must surely know of Bob Skiba. In fact he was interviewed by him. Bob has done an excellent job in making the flat earth knowledge with the Bible. So, why didn’t Mark tell of the Bible connections to the flat earth? If he doesn’t believe in it, then why didn’t he try to debunk it?

To sum up, Mark does make good points in his videos and in his interviews, so you may see a video or two by him on this site. I just wanted to point out important errors he made.

No one has all the answers to this flat earth information, and I don’t have it, but what I’m sure in and what I think is important I have to bring it to the attention of others. Saying that aliens created us and/or created the earth and its surrounding is blasphemy. What else could I call it? Just don’t accept everything that Mark Sargent or Matt Boylan say.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Matt Boylan and Mark Sargent Are Wrong on Flat Earth Topics

  1. Brian Beath says:

    Thank you for this information. After listening to Mark, it sounds like he doesn’t want to give credit to God for creating all things. Even after The bible clearly states the creation of the firmament by God (Gen 1:6-8).


  2. eldermike547yahoocom says:

    I don’t agree with every doctrine you believe. But you are probably 100% correct with everything you wrote on this post. I really like most of Eric Dubay’s teachings and his videos and agree with much of his teachings. But there are a few beliefs he is just flat-out wrong concerning Jesus and Scripture. Just as Matt Boylan and Mark Sargent are wrong about the creation of the earth and the firmament. And where these three men are in error, are not minor issues.


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