Flat Earth: What Difference Does It Make? Part 2

Flat Earth: What Difference Does It Make? Part 2


Flat Earth: What Difference Does It Make? It makes a lot of difference. Continuing where I left off, everyone should have an interest in knowing if the earth is flat or not. Why? To simply know about where we live on this planet – or, should I say “plane” – and the shape of our earth is important to know. For those who don’t care – and I have met one who said that – it would be like saying, “I don’t want to know where Europe is. I don’t want to know where Asia is. I could care less to know where Australia is.” Only an ignorant person would say that. Sadly, there are many high school student who are ignorant of basic geography; you have probably seen video clips of people on the street asked where Iran is and they point to some place in Europe. I even met a woman who works in her own travel agency and thought that Ecuador didn’t exist! I said it did and she didn’t believe me but had to call another person on the phone to confirm this! I laughed, I couldn’t believe some people were so ignorant – especially someone who works in their own travel agency!

I’m not saying it will change your day to day life – it will remain the same. HOWEVER, it should start you to question other things that we are told that we put blind faith in. We should take time out and read what other lies we have been told as you life may depend on it. In fact, there are many people who suffer physically by being ignorant, or, as I say, “On purpose stupid.” Now, this is getting off the track a bit but it is related to cover ups like the flat earth, and that is the lies that we are told about how to keep healthy and how to get well if we are sick. If you believe in what the medical profession tells you, then you’ve been lied to.

Assuming that you have learned about the flat earth and that something this big had been successfully covered up since the time of Copernicus, it only stands to reason that there are other lies told us. Assuming you just know about the flat earth, here is something to get you onto the next cover up and that is the medical lies that have been told us. Without getting into detail here, as I could write a book on it, just do your research. You can go to Google or YouTube and search topics such as:

vaccines exposed

vaccine fraud

cancer cure

diabetes remedy

cancer racket

juicing for your health

Or, go to sites such as naturalnews.com or mercola.com These two site are the largest alternative health sites in the world and they have literally thousands of articles on everything you can think of. They also have videos with interviews with doctors who have exposed the racket that is going inside the medical establishment. Anyhow, with the search words given above you should have an idea of what to type in. You’ll be surprised at what you come up with. Of course, there will the the sites that are put up the the FDA, CDC, and medical boards to give you “their side” but make sure you read what others have to say, too.

Like I said earlier, your life can literally depend on whether you keep yourself willingly stupid or not. And once you learn the truth about what the medial profession is doing to us, just remember this: Your journey started with the knowledge of the flat earth.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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