Waking Up People With The Flat Earth Truth

I was recently asked about the way to wake people up with the flat earth truth. One of the best ways is to send family and friends a link in an email about a video that talks about the flat earth (example of one below):

The one given here is good as it has good video clips and pictures when the people are talking. A video with this is much better than just an audio or two guys talking at a table. Video clips, pictures and computer graphics engages the people and it also helps them conceptualise what the person is talking about. You may find other videos on YouTube that illustrates what they are talking about.

Another advantage of a video is that you don’t have to know all the answers. That’s, of course, the video is by someone who knows the flat earth subject well. This relives the burden of you talking.

Business Card

Another method of getting the flat earth truth out is with a business card. You can be creative and have a picture of the earth with some statement that arouses curiosity. You don’t want something that says, “Learn about the the flat earth,” as people are conditioned to react in a negative way and to think you are a “nutter.” You may have something like, “NASA reveals secrets of the earth,” or “A secret that will change your world view,” or something like this. With the case of NASA, we know that they have not personally revealed it but you can say, “NASA is revealing the secrets of the earth by making stupid statements; they want us to read between the lines,” which they are in essence doing.

The link you want to put on the card is not a YouTube link as it is hard for someone to copy this into their browser. What you can do is find a good video on someone’s website that has a good video and copy that link. Or, you can put up blog (using WordPress is best) and have a name address to print on the card rather than something that is a bunch of numbers and letters in large and small case.

Using the card method is good if you don’t have time to talk to someone.

Sitting a person down in front of a computer

If you have the opportunity to sit someone down in front of your computer or their computer, you can simply watch a good video and you’ll be there to answer any questions.

Talking to someone

The last thing you would do is to personally talk to someone. This is only good if both you and your friend have the time to discuss the flat earth. You should allow about 1 hour for this. This is recommended if you know the flat earth subject well, otherwise, he won’t want to hear it again. If you do talk to someone have a business card with the appropriate links on it. Give them to your guest for further research they can do.

I hope this helps you in spreading the flat earth truth.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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