Christians and the Flat Earth

Christians who write against the flat earth avoid writing about the hard science if they did they would be flat earthers themselves. The only way they can hold up their errors of beliefs is to avoid talking about science. What they talks about instead is: “Did early Christians believe in the flat earth? Did St. _________ believe in the flat earth? The early Christians did NOT believe in the flat earth.” It’s is statements like this that does NOT address the flat earth issue but side steps.

Once the facts are looked at these Christians will have to look and re-examine the scriptures again. So, what are the scientific facts?

If the earth is a globe and the circumference is 25,000 – which we are told by sceintists who believe in the globe earth model, than you can compute the curvature at any given distance. So, let’s go with what they say and what the math says. For the earth being 25,000 miles in circumference, that would mean that the first mile there would be a drop-off of 8 inches. To determine the drop-off of any distance, you would square the distance, multiplied by 8 inches. For a distance of 50 miles, the math would be: 50×50=2,500×8=20,000 inches. To get feet, you’d divide it by 12, which equals 1,666 feet.

What does this mean?

This means that in order for a ship to be see the light house the light house would have to be at least 1,666 feet high. Now, we know that light houses are not that high. If the one in question is 150 feet high that means the top of it would still be 1,000 feet under the horizon. Since it’s a fact that an object can be seen 50 miles from a ship (weather permitting of course) it would be impossible to see it IF the earth is a globe.

Flat earthers are NOT disputing the circumference of the earth, as a flat earth’s equator would be mid-way between the North Pole and the outer edge. Thus, the math is correct (using spherical geometry). But you can still see the light house. Now, we know that light can’t be seen through miles of ocean and we know that solid object can’t be seen through solid objects either.

Let’s take another real life example. Many years ago a man on an English canal put a telescope about one foot above the water. He had a friend in a row boat sail to the 6 mile point. This canal has a straight 6 mile section. Once he reached the mark, the other man standing in the canal look through the telescope and could see the man and the boat down to the water line. The math for this is: 6×6=36x8in=288 in / (divide sign) = 24 feet. This means that the man should not be able to see his friend at all – he would be below the curvature of the earth; that if his friend stood up (assuming he was 6 feet tall) he would still be 18 feet below the line of sight. This is mathmatical proof that the earth is flat!

You can do this experiment yourself. All you need is a telescope, anohter person, paper and pen. If you don’t have a friend, then take a tree or tall object, drive in your can the distance you want in a straight line; and take that distance and do the math.

Back to Christians and the Flat Earth

There are many other facts that can be looked at but the Chrisitan sites I’ve been to, do not address the facts, they point out what so ancient Roman catholic church leader believed in. First, it doesn’t matter what they believed in – we have to look at the facts. We know that there are many false prophets – back 2,000 years ago and today. There could be others who are sincere but they are sincerely wrong.

If you are undecided or if you are still a globe earth believer, that is fine. But ask yourself this – if you sincerely are looking for the truth – that you should hear what the “other side” says and not ignore those arguments. Now, if some preacher thinks he’s being smart, he can easily lose some of his followers by them seeing what he is doing.

The website that I have in mind is where they are mostly writing about creationism. They by no means cover the many, many other topics that are in the Bible. It seams like we have “specialist pastors” as we have specialist doctors. What a strange kind of bird. I feel sorry for the Christian that goes to this type of site and thinks it’s the begin all and end all of Christianity, but continuing, how would this pastor or contributing writers of this website like it when they are treated this way by Evolutionists? They don’t like it and they make it known. In fact, they would charge the Evolutionist with ignoring the facts or the statements that they (the Creationist) make. YET, they do the exact same thing as their adversary does; I’ve seen this so many times with other topics that it must be a weakness in human nature.

Go to and do a search for flat earth articles there and you can see for yourself how they deliberately ignore our points. I say “deliberate” because they would have to read what we stand for. If they haven’t, then that is another mistake. Perhaps they just remembered the words “flat earth” from grade school and NEVER once did research on the topic. Can and other sites like that be excused? I say “No.” Why? Because the know how to do research as their articles on defending Creationism is well done; they have studied the Evolutionist books and used their articles against them. So, these certain Christians are without excuse. No wonder so many people have left the church – people can learn more by reading the Bible (KJV 1611) on their own at home. The fact that you are reading this, tells me you are seeking the truth.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to Christians and the Flat Earth

  1. Lana says:

    I am a christian and all the proof is before our eyes – the earth is flat and we are under a dome. Surprise! We are surrounded by the antarctic circle so don’t worry we won’t fall off.


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