How Does Atmosphere Stay on a Globe Earth

What amazing speed we're travelling at!

What amazing speed we’re travelling at!

Have you ever thought of how our atmosphere can stay on the earth? We take it for granted that it does but how can it in light of what we are told by astronomers? If the earth is round and turning on its axis at 1,000mph, how does the atmosphers stay attached to the earth? If that wasn’t bad enough, how can simple air stay on the earth going around the sun at 67,000mph? Then, we are told that the earth is going around the galaxy at an incrediable 500,000mph!

The fact is that air, or atmosphere in this case, is light. Thus, any speed – even the rotating of the earth – would make the atmosphere go off in space. Even if there was no speed to the earth, the atmosphere will drift away. If you were in a lab and you were to put some gas on a surface – no matter what kind of gas or mixture of gas – it will drift away. So, why doesn’t it happen to our atmosphere? There are actually two things, one is that there is a physical containment to prevent it from doing so. The other reason why the atmosphere can stay on the earth, is that it does not move through space (for the containment would fly off, too).

In a lab what we use is a glass bell-jar to hold the gas in place. For the earth, the containment is what the Bible calls the “firmament.” From the Vulgate firmamentum, which is used as the translation of the Hebrew raki’a . This word means simply “expansion.” It denotes the space or expanse like an arch appearing immediately above us. They who rendered raki’a by firmamentum regarded it as a solid body.

Not that the firmament is made of glass but it’s definitely of some material made by Yahweh, God. Glass is just stated above so we can get some understanding of it. So, we are contained within.

Many people – Christians and New Agers and Ufologists – would have you believe that could be invaded by aliens from another planet, or that some astroid could destroy life on earth. All this talk is nonsense it is to scare us into accepting a one world government with their one world religion. Have you ever noticed the scores of movies made in the last 60 years about invasion of earth from other beings of other planets? This is part of the long conditioning process that will soon be brought forth – known as “Project Bluebeam.”

In short, the atmosphere is proof that the earth is stationary and that there is a dome (firmament) above us.


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