Comment: What causes the ocean tides?

If you have read the article posted under Sun Moon and Stars, titled, “What causes ocean tides?” You should have a better understanding of the nature of the moon and gravity. As you can see, if the universities, NASA and the military told the truth about the tides, they would have to admit a flat earth and the nature of our heavenly bodies – this, they don’t want to do. But knowing that there is a huge whirlpool that affects the oceans, you should see why lakes, ponds and rivers (except at the estuaries) are not effected by smaller bodies of water. This may also explain why some ships and planes mysteriously disappear – such as those at the “Bermuda Triangle.”

There is a lot we still don’t know – at least by flat earthers – but there could be more than one huge whirlpool and one could be in the “Bermuda Triangle” and one near Japan (as I heard there is another place where many ships and plane have gone down.) Of course, this is theory now as to the amount and location, but it’s not theory as to why the ocean tides go up and down. It would be like pulling a drain on your sink, but with this “sink” there is a reverse action that pushes the ocean water out.


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