Yahoo News UFO July 12

There seems to be a trend now when main-stream news reports about UFOs. In the past there was denial and critical reports about the UFOs, now they just report it matter-of-factly. They don’t say anything negative like they did before.

Now, realizing that UFOs exist is part of the cover-up of the global earth belief, there is a reason why there is no negative reports now. It’s all part of Hegelian Dialectics. By eventually “coming clean” it will leave the public with a reinforced belief that there are planets out there, that there is life out there, which means that the planet is a globe as well as all other planets. It also gives the impression that the silent majority “won”. This will pacify the sheepeople and give them the illusion that they finally were able to get the government and military to come clean. Thus, we will continue to be “happy little slaves.” This is exactly what the real world leaders want – the ILLUSION that the people won. After all, NASA is an expert in keeping up the flat earth illusion to begin with. Gradually reporting about “UFO pictures” as a regular news story is all part of it. In fact, as of this writing (12 July, 2015), there were two UFO reports on main-stream Yahoo News and neither one of them were negative. This should tell you something!

What is strange about the photos in this article (click link below)? The UFO is blurry. And it looks like it is right above the ice or sea, so where is the shadow? The article and photo in the other Yahoo News item is the same. You almost never get a clear photo of a UFO. The one picture here can be made better with Photoshop.

Check out the full article here.

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