Belligerent Astronauts

Do a YouTube search on “belligerent astronauts.” you may have seen this before, as this video was made by the guy who has a website called, something funny happened on the way to the moon, or words to that affect. For those who didn’t see that video, it’s about this guy who interviewed the Apollo 11 astronauts and they were asked to put their hand on the Bible to swear that they went to the moon – NONE of them did?

Now this is strange, if they were not Christians, what difference would it make. If they were Christians, many would still lie because they were not in a court room, there was no possibility of paying a fine or going to prison. This question was asked in either a public place (not in a court room) or in their very homes or offices. After wall, why wouldn’t these Christians lie, as they had been lying for years already to keep their story up. So, why didn’t they just lie again? UNLESS…

Unless they were told or perhaps witnessed in one of their test flights of the existence of God or of the existence of something that is physically made – such as the firmament of Heaven. Did they not swear on the Bible because they know that someone is physically looking down on them; that Heaven it laterally above their heads a few thousand miles? In short, did someone or something scare them?

Just a thought to keep in mind.


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