Would you tell others about the flat earth?

For purpose of illustration, let me talk about UFOs. It doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not, or if you once believed in them but you don’t now – this is just for purpose of illustration.

Say you don’t believe in UFOs and E.T.s and anyone who does, you think is crazy. In fact, you might have had to tell others that, as they explained their story to you. Then, one day you are out at night and on the way home, along a lonely road, there is a UFO off the side of the road. You stop your car, and observe it. Then you see a couple of “guys” out taking samples of the soil and plants. They notice you, quickly get in their space craft, take off slowly at first, then in a few sections they are out of sight.

The question is, would you tell others? Would you tell even your closest friends – knowing how you treated such believers before? Each person must make their own decision. You might tell others but as soon as you get too many looks like you are crazy, you shut up. Is this what you would do?

Now, relating this to the flat earth – previous to this year, you believed all your life that the earth is a globe and you believed all the others “facts” that astronomers have told us, such as the Sun is 93 million miles away, the Moon is about one quarter of a million miles away, that there are billions of suns and planets out there. You know that every source that people have, they are told that the earth is a globe. Sources such as: primary schools, universities, the media, NASA. And there is even Google, with the “photos” of the earth being round as well as other planets – as you do your search on the internet.

Then, one day you discover a website that said otherwise; you find on this website some videos of the flat earth. You are finally convinced. In your excitement you share it with your wife. If you are lucky, she agrees with you. But then you share it with others and they think you are nuts. They start telling others and you get a bad name around town. In your final decision, you decide to keep your mouth shut.

The question is, is this what you’d do? Or would you tell others regardless? It takes a strong person in their belief to continue to tell others. But you feel that you must, as you at least give them the opportunity to know the truth and it’s from there if they should run with the ball and tell others.

So, what have you done? Tell your story – or you are keeping quite. In fact, you are on this website as a secret viewer as you don’t want to be called a “ntter” or worse. The question is, how many others are like you out there? Maybe one day the government will wake up and find out that most of the public do believe in the flat earth. After all, they see the huge number of views that flat earth videos get. Although they (the real government leaders) know that YouTube and others are doing what they are being told and re-setting the numbers back. You, you Zionist dogs, know that millions of views have been on each of these videos. Thus, when will the day come when it is openly admitted that the earth is, indeed, a globe?


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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