Camera Distorts Horizon

balloon-edge-space  Notice, in this photo  taken from a specially built balloon, at this altitude, the horizon should be far below the viewer AND it should be curved. This is the law of physics. Here, you see the horizon at eye level AND the horizon is flat. This means it’s a FLAT EARTH.

“The camera distorted horizons have always been a misleading factor with those who have not freed their minds from the „planet‟ or „globe earth indoctrination.‟ Three or four years ago, the U.S.I.S. booklet „Science Horizons,‟ carried a note to the effect that the Americans hoped to produce a lens which would NOT distort level horizons. So far I am not aware that such aid to truer photography has yet been made available. Flat Earthists however can prove that due to the known laws of perspective, the horizon, optically rises and remains level with the observer‟s, or the camera‟s eye, no matter what height is achieved. In fact the earth immediately beneath balloon, airplane, rocket or capsule, presents a dish-shaped or concave appearance. The point of earth immediately below the vehicle is the lowest. It is NOT the highest point of your „globe‟ earth with the dip or curvature of the „ball‟ sweeping away downwards to a horizon –Samuel Shenton, “The Plane Truth”

Level Horizon

“The marine horizon, from whatever position it is viewed, always appears to be, and is, in fact, a perfectly level line, and since this appearance is the same in all parts of the world, its surface must be level; and therefore the Earth is a Plane. This may be proved to be the case, by erecting at a suitable elevation on the sea shore, a duly-levelled board, or a string – at right angles to a plumb-line – tightly stretched between two vertical poles. On looking towards the sea, the horizontal line for a distance of 20 miles may be easily observed, and throughout its entire length it will be found to coincide with the straight-edge, or string: but if the earth were a globe, the horizontal line would form an arc of twenty miles in length, curveting both ways from the center, at the rate of eight inches, multiplied by the square of the distance. Hence the horizontal line at either end of the distance ought to be depressed some 66 feet below the horizon in the center. But as no such appearance is ever presented, it necessarily follows that the earth cannot be a globe, or other than a plane.” –B. Chas. Brough, “The Zetetic” Volume 1 Number 1, July 1872


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