Is the water level or is it not?


“Is water level, or is it not?‟ was a question once asked of an astronomer. „Practically, yes; theoretically, no,‟ was the reply. Now, when theory does not harmonize with practice, the best thing to do is to drop the theory. (It is getting too late, now to say „So much the worse for the facts!‟) To drop the theory which supposes a curved surface to standing water is to acknowledge the facts. Whenever experiments have been tried on the surface of standing water, the surface has always been found to be level. If the Earth were a globe, the surface of all standing water would be convex. This is an experimental proof that Earth is not a globe.” –William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe”

“Since any given body of water must have a level surface, no one part higher than another, and seeing that all our oceans (a few inland seas excepted) are connected together, it follows that they are all VIRTUALLY OF THE SAME LEVEL.” –The English Mechanic, 26th, June 1896

“If the Earth were a globe, rolling and dashing through „space‟ at the rate of „a hundred miles in five seconds of time,‟ the waters of seas and oceans could not, by any known law, be kept on its surface – the assertion that they could be retained under these circumstances being an outrage upon human understanding and credulity! But as the Earth – that is, the habitable world of dry land – is found to be „standing out of the water and in the water‟ of the „mighty deep,‟ whose circumferential boundary is ice, we may throw the statement back into the teeth of those who make it and flaunt before their faces the flag of reason and common sense, inscribed with a proof that the Earth is not a globe.” –William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe”



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