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Latest Flat Earth News

Latest Flat Earth News From Across The World 4 May, 2018 Flat earth conference; Australia doesn’t exist, claims one “flat earther.” Here is a cheap underhanded way so-called reporters use to get their readers not to have anything to do … Continue reading

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Flat Earth News

  Flat Earth News Here is an interesting article and two videos about flat earth in the news. I’d like to make two comments on the first video. It shows a flat earth believer approaching strangers with the question: “Do … Continue reading

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Getting Flat Earth News to Page 1 in Google

How Google Controls Page 1 Results This past week I came across by accident of how to get to page 1 of Google. As I’m trying to reach more people with Bible truths and the flat earth, I was posting … Continue reading

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Christian Flat Earth News

Christian Flat Earth News 19 January  I just thought I’d write about what has been going on in the news lately. First, and foremost, is the inauguration of Donald Trump. I’m sure you’ll be tuning in no matter where on … Continue reading

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Flat Earth News 8 January, 2017

Some Things to Consider The higher you go the flatter the earth looks like. A good video clip of the clouds going behind the moon. Click here. The real flight path from Cuba to Moscow. .

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The People Who Believe the Earth is Flat

The People Who Believe the Earth is Flat When Malachi Henderson went skydiving a few weeks ago, he noticed that the Earth looked flat, even from the plane. He mentioned it to the pilot. “The higher you get, the flatter … Continue reading

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Flat Earth In The News January 7

In fairness, in this particular case Howse was attempting some solid journalism: He expressed skepticism that the Earth is actually flat. But he recently received a lot of emails and other push-back from so-called “flat Earthers”—Christians who believe that a … Continue reading

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This Time The World!

This Time The World Why Didn’t the Flat Earth News Spread in the 19th Century? Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved. I Chronicles 16:30 As you may know, if … Continue reading

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Flat Earth School

. Note: The following article is copied as it appeared in a Bismark, North Dakota newspaper in 1907. Zion, Ill. Oct. 20 – Zion schools of which Wilbur Glenn Voilva, the over-seer of the colony is president have adopted his … Continue reading

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