Videos 2

Fraudulent Space Rocket

Chemtrails and Flat Earth

This 2 hour video shows a lot from: chemtrails, satellites, planets, flying across a flat earth and much more. You may want to skip over the chemtrail bit as this looks like it’s not complete (go about 15 minutes into the video).

Flat Earth Basics Q&A part 1

This is good video on the flat earth and has Bible verses, too. Exercise, Google: flat earth Bible verse.


How pictures can change our reality

In part 1 of Biggest Lie of All, we see how pictures can change our reality; and that you can’t even trust videos by what Hollywood does with filming on stage. Then we see different pictures of the earth how different the continents are from picture to picture. The law of Perspective is explained (how objects get smaller and smaller until they disappear from sight – which is not caused by dropping below the curve of the earth.

Rockets do not hit space orbit

This video explores how the Challenger Rocket does not reach earth orbits but arches while still in the atmosphere and what happens afterwards (when the cameras are turned off). Then we are shown how zero gravity is faked as well as the “space walk.”