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Some “Sheep’s Clothing” Is Better Designed Than Others

Jack Hyles, Who Was He And Why Should I Care?

Here was a preacher who preached some good sermons but there is a dark evil side to him. He had the largest Sunday school in America. Though he is dead now, there are millions of his follwers that are still alive. One good thing he did preach is that the King James Bible is the only version we should use (unless you speak another language).

I was doing some research on the KJV only, and came across a lengthy article about this Jack Hyles. When I went to the YouTube link that was given, I noticed other videos on the side bar that had “Jack Hyles Exposed,” so I thought I’d see this and I’m glad that I did. See the other parts of this video if you want to see more. Part 2 has more video clips rather than just talk.

In short, some “sheep’s clothing” is better designed than others.